About Refresh your mind with sense of touch

Full body nude massage with a sense of touch on the erogenous zones in Cape Town South Africa. This service is for women ONLY. Brilliant hands and over whelming satisfaction. Ian Marshall prides himself over great customer satisfaction with an unbelievable sense of touch that will pamper your way through to the end. Rather let him do the traveling and let you unwind in the comfort of your own surroundings without feeling scared or rushed. He has spent a serious number of years improving sexual health techniques to meet the needs of his clients. Due to countless demands from various female clients for a more beauty spa sensual treatment and erotic massage, this massage Cape Town business was started as a service for women who needs a special spa treatment via an erotic massage in Cape Town. Since then various spa massage therapy packages have been made on offer.

Perfect for women from 18 to 45 years of age in or out of a relationship. For women that are tired of the same routine and who want a holistic approach to women’s personal satisfaction and well-being. Get the satisfaction your spouse is not able to provide. Read Exclusive Interview with Ian Marshall

Biography of Therapist

Ian Marshall is the go to guy for open-minded spontaneous women in Cape Town. He made it his job over the years to satisfy women with intimacy and sexual awakening. Sensual massage are for any woman living in Cape Town, if outside of Cape Town an alternative pricing (on travel allowance and accommodation) will need to be made. The massage therapy session is all about the women’s pleasure, comfort and boundaries. He has serviced very beautiful women over the years including lingerie models, celebrities, actresses, stylists, house wives and others since 2010. The rest of the women are stressful, hardworking professionals that range from their 20s through to 40s who need a sensual massage in Cape Town with a no give and take policy. All the women require a safe and respectful environment where they can enjoy a healthy treatment that is highly intimate with a thorough hands on approach. You can share you darkest secrets and desires without feeling judged.

5 Values:
1. Client Satisfaction
2. Safety and Comfort
3. Confidentiality and Trust
4. Quality
5. Exclusive

“Every woman wants something different and more refined. Some women prefer it hard while others prefer to be more spontaneous or adventurous. I can discover your inner thoughts and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I will listen and explain all the boundaries before giving you the most amazing and exciting experience of your life. Your confidentiality is safe with me“: Ian Marshall.