Alisa leaned over the table, her hair almost sweeping across her brunch, and whispered “Jean, I had the most amazing weekend last week. I have to tell you about this.” Intrigued, Jean leaned in and encouraged Alisa to tell her more.

“Well, I made an appointment with that male massage therapist in Cape Town that Jenny had told us about. You know the one, the erotic massage therapist? I heard he gets very sensual. Anyway, we were both completely naked and his hands were magic! I’m getting ahead of myself. So, the room was lit with at least 2 candles, it smelled like sandalwood, and the most relaxing music was playing. I swear, if he wouldn’t have had me so turned on, I would have fallen asleep.”

“Anyhow, when I made the appointment, he asked me what my deepest sexual fantasy was. And you know I’ve always had a thing for having my feet played with. So he put a lot of focus on my feet. At one point he even let me play with his cock with them, Jean! I could see them. It was so hot.”

“So, I’m lying face down and he climbs on top of me and I can feel his cock stroke against my back when he leans up to grab my shoulders. I was so distracted by this stranger’s dick on my back and how amazing it might be, that when he started massaging I felt jolted. He is so good with his hands.”

“He does my whole back side and plays with my pussy while he’s working his magic with his hands, that I have completely forgotten about the plans for my feet. I’m so turned on that I’m moaning at the slightest touch. Even when he wasn’t touching my mound I was moaning cause his hands. I just cannot get enough of his hands. I actually have another appointment set up next month.”

“Back to what I was saying. He gets to my feet, the best foot massage I have ever had, and he’s licking on my arches and sucking my toes. It’s amazing! Then he stands up and starts massaging my feet with his hard cock. He encouraged me to play with him.”

“While he’s playing with and massaging my feet, he reaches up and starts playing with my pussy! He had me almost cumming in no time. I did not expect to get there so quickly. But I had been turned on the entire time that it really shouldn’t have been a surprise.”

“Then I was cumming. He was still playing with my feet and I could feel his cock twitching between my arches, but when I started cumming my entire body froze. I’ve never done that! You have to book a massage with him, Jean. He’s amazing.”

Alisa sat back. Turned on from just recounting the tale. “I’m telling you, Jean, this man has magic hands.”

This short story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the erotic massage.


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