There was a time when full body massage therapy was thought of as a luxury. Due to life style changes and other factors, however, full body massage therapy has become increasingly popular in treating a variety of ailments including back pain.

A back massage is especially beneficial to anyone because it hosts the nerves which are key for everyday function. Most of us have suffered back pain and what you need is a qualified, experienced masseuse to get you the relief you need at a massage in Cape Town.

Back massages have numerous benefits not just on the back but to the entire body.

Benefits Of Back Massage

  1. For most people with back problems, back massages are the most non-invasive way of giving treatment given that the spine hosts the most critical nerves in the body.

  2. A back massage can psychologically aid in relaxation as well as increase in endorphins or feel the good hormones that help alleviate pain in people suffering from chronic pain and acute back issues.

  3. A good massage in Cape Town will help increase circulation and blood flow, consequently aiding in absorption of key nutrients by tissues the and muscles. This also aids in muscle recovery from soreness especially after a rigorous workout.

  4. Back massages help reduce muscle tension thus causing them to relax. When muscles are relaxed, flexibility improves and pain occurring as a result of muscle tightness is alleviated. This can also aid in improved sleep.

  5. A properly done back massage in Cape Town can help in relieving pain in the lower back as a result of sitting for long hours, strenuous workout, repetitive use or overuse. 

  6. Immobility and repetitive motion can cause shoulder and neck pain. A good full body massage on the upper back helps in relieving tension in these parts. It can also aid in managing pain caused by migraines.

  7. Because a back massage leads to production of endorphins, it can help not only in managing pain, but symptoms of depression, and anxiety as well. A good Cape Town massage therapist will know exactly how to manipulate the muscles and tissue on your back to give you a relaxing massage.

  8. If you have difficulty sleeping, a good back massage might be the answer for you. It helps relieve any tension and not just in your back making you feel relaxed at ease and so will most likely help you sleep better. Having the massage two to three times a week can be good treatment for people who battle with insomnia.

  9. Back massages are key for treatment of weak, tight or atrophic muscles and tissues in people with a history of chronic back pain from injury or accidents. During treatment, range of motion is also improved and in some cases scar tissue and other marks such as stretch marks could also be eliminated. In athletes whose muscles strain in the middle, lower and upper back, joint flexibility increases after a good massage in Cape Town.

  10. Increased circulation not only helps in the increased blood flow but also absorption of oxygen and nutrients to major organs in the body.

  11. In women experiencing labor, a back massage helps in reducing labor pain. It can also aid in easing the process of giving birth and the recovery time after child birth.

  12. There are many excellent therapists who can administer a great full body massage in Cape Town to help you relax and feel good not just physically but emotionally and psychologically.

  13. Most individuals suffering from acute pain in the lower back experience that pain as a result of muscle strain from lifting heavy objects, falls or making sudden movements. The lower back pain can be severe, lasting for hours at a time, several days or even some weeks. When the muscles in the back are torn or strained, the area surrounding the back muscles can also become inflamed. When inflammation occurs, one can suffer from muscle spasms causing even more pain in the back and difficulty moving. A professionally done massage in Cape Town can help manage the spasms and alleviate lower back pain.

  14. Upper back muscles can easily succumb to irritation as well as a result of specific events such as sporting injury, vehicle accident, and muscle strain. A professionally done massage can help get rid of any such irritations as well as improving the range of motion.

  15. If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the spine, then a back massage should most likely be part of your treatment. Spinal arthritis leads to breakdown of cartilage between aligning facet linkages in the back. Facet joints when inflamed cause joint degeneration which is progressive. The degeneration further causes bones in the back to rub against each other especially during walking. A therapeutic full body massage in Cape Town is what you need to manage the pain and symptoms that result. The back massage should help in improving circulation, reducing muscle tension and stress. You can find therapeutic masseuse in Cape Town who are experienced and qualified for these special kind of back massage.

  16. Fibromyalgia is an illness that is characterized by stiffness, pain, non-restorative sleep and fatigue. Individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia usually experience pain that is widespread as well as pain in certain tender points, which can be identified during a physical examination. Special massage techniques can be employed to target tender points as well as larger areas of pain and stiffness to provide pain relief in patients. In Cape Town, there are many experienced, certified and qualified massage therapists who will give you a massage in Cape Town experience that you’ll live to remember. Although generally safe, you should take caution especially if you have a pre-existing condition before booking a back massage session. If you recently underwent surgery, have a rash, an infectious disease on your skin, a wound in the back that hasn’t fully healed, osteoporosis and varicose veins, you should consult your doctor before getting a massage. This is because you might end up worsening your condition. For instance, osteoporosis patients have fragile bones and a deep tissue massage could cause fractures onto their bones easily.

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