What massage oils to use for a sensual massage can truly help set the mood. You will want to choose a proper base for the type of massage you plan to give. For deep tissue or reflexology massages you will want a heavy massage oil, but for a sensual massage you’ll want a lighter base to help your hands glide across the skin of the recipient.

Best Oils to Use for Sensual Massage


Almond massage oil is a great choice because it isn’t greasy and easily absorbs into the skin. It doesn’t absorb too quickly, making it great for spreading about before hydrating the skin. It is light and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth! Not only does it moisturize the skin, it also helps with irritation, inflammation and itching. Grape-seed massage oil also is not greasy and is a fantastic moisturizer. It aides in tightening the pores and can be used to combat acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. This is a popular choice as it leaves the recipient looking and feeling younger. Coconut oil is clean and colorless. When it is heated it liquefies into a smooth pleasant smell. Olive oil is heavier and therefore does not work as well for sensual massage. But it aides with dehydration and inflammation. It can be mixed with other oils to enrich the qualities. Any vegetable oil, except peanut or corn oil is good to use after it gets heated.

Essential oils to use for a sensual massage:

No matter what base or oils to use for a sensual massage you choose, you will want to mix it with an essential oil. Essential oils add aroma and various benefits. You will want to add 10 drops of essential oil to every 20 ml of base oil. Below is a list of essential oils suggested for sensual massage and why.

Jasmine relieves sexual tension. This type of essential oil also helps to even out skin problems such as dryness, greasiness, and irritated skin. Lavender aides in relaxation. This oil helps by easing headaches, mood swings and anxiety. It is the most versatile of the essential oils and aides with more than listed here. Neroli soothes anxiety. Neroli is great for anxiety because it soothes internal issues, such as an upset stomach and heart palpitations. This is a great choice to help subside physical ailments to ensure the client can focus on the massage. Rose entices a feeling of love or other romantic emotions. This essential oil soothes the nerves, but also encourages feelings of sexuality, self-confidence, and resolution of other personal problems. Sandalwood also soothes anxiety, but also provides an air of sensuality. Sandalwood is used a lot in yoga, as well as massage, because it awakens a sexual energy unlike any other essential oil. It also soothes anxiety and helps the recipient to relax.

Oils to use for a sensual massage

Strawberry Wine Flavoured Massage Oil this massage oil is great for the most intimate love making and foreplay. This is the perfect massage oil for your next arousing or sexual activity. This warm oil can be used very deeply inside the skin and is edible too. This massage oil is made organically with pure vegetable glycerin and natural corn by-product.

When choosing what base and oils to use for a sensual massage, be sure to consider each property and benefit. It is not uncommon to mix bases and oils to enrich and combine the qualities of your chosen base and oil. No matter how you choose to mix your oils and bases, just be sure that it does smell good! A bad smelling massage oil can ruin the mood.

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