A buttock massage focuses on your gluteus muscles. There are several muscles making up the gluteus muscles and they include gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, tensor fasciae latae and gluteus minimus. A variety of techniques is used when performing a buttock massage so as to treat muscle tension and tightness.

A good massage in Cape Town performed on your buttocks aims at releasing tightness in the muscles and reducing pain which could have accumulated for a variety of reasons. it helps in getting rid of tension in the buttocks as well.

Techniques employed during such a massage in Cape Town include:

  • Kneading

  • Compression

  • Trigger pointing

  • Deep strokes

The compression technique is one of the most effective for buttock massage. It involves applying firm pressure with compression in the buttock muscles. It is strong and deep and helps increase the temperature in the muscles thus enhancing blood circulation in the area. When circulation is enhanced, pain is reduced. With pain reduced and circulation improved, a cellular exchange is also enhanced. Cellular exchange helps in the increase of nutrients and oxygen into the muscles and the decrease of waste such as lactic acid. When absorption of nutrients and oxygen are enhanced, fatigue and pain are significantly reduced.

Kneading is a common technique employed during buttock massage. It involves squeezing and pulling of muscle tissue in the buttock region. The point of kneading is to help enhance flood flow as well as loosen tightness in muscles. The pulling and squeezing aids circulation in the buttock region.

This, in turn, encourages absorption of nutrients and oxygen into the muscles and tissues making your muscles stronger and healthier. The technique also raises the temperature in the muscles and tissues and this helps in the reduction of restriction as well as improved elasticity. When the restriction is reduced, muscle tightness is also decreased.

Deep strokes are also key in a buttock massage in Cape Town. They are applied using fingers and flattened hands. Firm pressure helps in getting deep into muscle tissues in the buttock region. Deep strokes are great for relieving tightness in the muscles, getting rid of stress and tension. This is done by stretching of the muscle so that they can relax. Deep strokes also raise muscle temperature which helps in improving flexibility and tissue elasticity. When flexibility and tissue elasticity are improved, the muscle is able to move freely. Deep strokes help in relieving stress, tension, and tightness in the buttock muscles as well.

Trigger pointing technique is applied onto trigger points found at the center of muscle fibers. When not treated, trigger points can lead to a lot of pain. When a buttock massage is being conducted, a massage Cape Town therapist applies pressure onto specific trigger points to help in breaking down and softening any muscular knots. Once pressure is applied, blood flow becomes restricted and this causes an ischemic reaction. Once pressure is released, the natural healing ability of the body becomes activated and blood flow is enhanced in the region. With increased blood flow, the buttock muscles get more nutrients and oxygen for optimal health.

Benefits Of Buttock Massage

1) Decreased tension - A properly executed massage in Cape Town applied in the buttock region should help decrease tension in that area

  1. The tension in muscles occurs when muscles stay contracted and fail to relax. When the tension is not addressed, it can lead to muscle fatigue and muscular aches.
  2. A buttock massage is therefore key in getting rid of that muscle tension and aiding in muscle relaxation.
  3. As the temperature in the muscles rises during a massage, circulation is enhanced, muscles loosen and elasticity increases. When deep strokes are applied, reduction of restriction and muscle elasticity are increased.

2) Prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness - A good buttock massage should help in the prevention of delayed onset soreness in the muscles

  1. As a result of intense activity such as a workout, build up of waste products such as lactic acid occurs. When these waste products are not adequately removed, the cause fatigue in the muscles, which leads to muscle aches and tightness all of which cause a painful sensation.
  2. During a buttock massage, built up waste products are removed before they can affect the body by increasing cellular exchange and exciting the lymphatic system.
  3. When a buttock massage is being administered, the lymphatic system is motivated.  Once motivated, it encourages more metabolic wastes to be eliminated more efficiently from the body. This is important because the build-up of waste have many negative effects on the body including muscular pain and fatigue.
  4. When the lymphatic system is efficient, it decreases the build-up of waste products as well other than helping in its elimination.
  5. During a buttock massage, the cellular exchange is enhanced. When this happens, there is better absorption of oxygen and nutrients which promote healthy muscles as well as enhanced waste removal. When muscles have an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, muscle fatigue becomes alleviated. When the cellular exchange is increased at the same time that the lymphatic system is stimulated, delayed onset soreness in muscles is therefore delayed.

3) Reduction in muscle tightness - A good buttock massage aids in reducing tightness in the muscles

  1. Muscle tightness is usually caused by several reasons, the most common being injury and overuse. When left untreated, it can lead to extreme pain.
  2. A buttock massage in Cape Town will help relieve tightness in your muscles and increase tissue elasticity. This is achieved through the increase of temperature in the buttock muscles during the massage.  Temperature increase also aids in improved circulation.
  3. The muscles also loosen and are able to move freely as a result of enhanced elasticity. This ultimately leads to a reduction in muscle pain and tightness.

If you’re in Cape Town and looking to have a good massage in Cape Town, perhaps a buttock massage will give you that relief you’re looking for. There are hundreds of certified massage therapists in Cape Town and you can be sure to find one who suits your needs and budget.

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