Heart disorders, weakening lungs and palpitations are some of the conditions that can be managed through a chest massage. If you are emotionally stressed, your chest muscles are likely to contract, leading to exertion in breathing as well as reduced ability.

In addition to health disorders, excessive heat is another contributing factor to tension and stress in the thoracic and chest area that could lead to discomfort. A chest massage, therefore, helps in relieving both emotional and physical tension and stress in your chest area.

Women who wish to develop their mammary glands and bust have also been known to employ chest massage towards achieving that goal. When a chest massage in Cape Town is performed by a qualified therapist, it can yield multiple benefits to the chest area.

Benefits Of Chest Massage

  1. When a chest massage is performed on the anterior part of your chest wall, it facilitates easy breathing. When your breathing is relaxed, this contributes to the alleviation of tension in your chest as well as the entire body. A full chest massage can also ease tension in your throat giving you not just physical but emotional benefits as well.

  2. When the soft breast tissue on your chest is mobilized and massaged, circulation in the region is encouraged. With circulation supported, the overall health of your breasts and chest will be realized. Since breasts do not have their own muscles, they depend on movement to aid circulation. Women who are constantly in bras inhibit movement of their breasts and consequently constrict the flows in their lymph. The chest can significantly benefit from lymph flow which is activated through a chest massage.

  3. When the anterior chest wall is massaged, it can facilitate the treatment of injuries that may have occurred in the neck, shoulders or chest. When the massage is performed using deep strokes that flow consistently over your ribcage, this will help in toning and relax your chest muscles. The effect is a more enlivened rib cage that offers better support to the neck and shoulders thus getting rid of any discomfort and tension in those particular areas as well as promoting healing from an injury.

  1. A chest massage on the chest wall, as well as breasts, helps one become more comfortable with the natural and normal parts of their body. When done by a massage in Cape Town on your chest and breast is performed by a certified masseuse, it is neutral without any sexual connotation, and it helps you become more in touch with your chest, breasts, and other organs. You’ll become more aware of any changes that might occur in your body because you can tell how the various parts of your chest are working harmoniously for optimal health and performance. Once you feel good from a properly done chest massage, you will begin to experience a sense of total wellness and beauty. The massage makes you feel good from the inside out. You feel more powerful, more energetic, and more beautiful. This can have many benefits to your overall performance at work and in your daily life. The orthopedic value obtained from a chest massage can also not be ignored because other than healthy breasts, your entire respiratory system is revitalized.

  2. Women are constantly being urged to do self-exam in line with breast cancer prevention and early diagnosis. Having chest massages can give women the confidence they need to be able to carry out these breast exams without being overly conscious of it. The chest massage gives it a sense of normalcy which is important in women especially those that have undergone some form of traumatic experience.

  3. Chest massages help promote good posture in everyone. This in turn aid in the reduction of tension in the chest as well as shoulders and ribcage. This leads to a chest position that is more open further facilitating easy breathing.

  1. Chest massages in the chest area and breast are also key for relieving PMS symptoms as well as pain related to menstruation. During menstruation, most women tend to have more tenderness, swelling, and pain in the breasts so a chest massage can help relieve these symptoms.

  2. Any trained therapists performing the massage in Cape Town can be able to identify any anomalies in your breast tissue and the chest cavity that might require medical attention. This can help in early detection and treatment of diseases such as breast cancer.

  3. Chest massages have many benefits in women who are expectant, nursing and even breast feeding. Some of these benefits include:

  4. Reducing discomfort
  5. Improving the skin tone
  6. Increasing production of breast milk
  7. Relieving discomfort that is caused by engorgement
  8. Unblocking milk glands that are plugged
  9. Increasing flow of milk when one is breast feeding
  10. Minimizing the appearance of stretch marks and scars

  1. A chest massage in Cape Town will help in improving circulation which is key in the health of both the chest and breast tissue. Many believe that a correlation exists between vulnerability to malignancy and poor drainage in the breasts.

  2. Some of the massage Cape Town therapists who specialize in chest massage are trained in detecting changes in the chest region and breast. They can, therefore, help you identify any changes you might not have noticed while doing a self-exam.

  3. A good chest massage in Cape Town can also help you prepare for surgery. For instance, if a woman is due for a lumpectomy and radiation treatment, a chest massage can help them stay calm and centered during and after the procedure thus facilitation faster recovery.

  4. Sometimes as a result of surgery, women get nerve irritation, bruising and scarring as well as movement restriction. These can also occur as a result of an injury such as a car accident. A chest massage can be instrumental in promoting healing of these scars that occur as a result of biopsies, mastectomies, lumpectomies, breast augmentations as well as breast reductions. A good massage Cape Town therapist will help minimize the irritation that occurs from this procedures, giving you relief and ability to regain movement.

Now that you know the immense benefits associated with a chest massage in Cape Town, all you have to do is find a certified, experienced therapist, and try it. Check out the post on Massage Spas and Centres in Cape Town.

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