Carly had everything going for her, successful 27 year old make-up artist. She loves travelling, going to new places, taking beautiful photos of herself and uploading it to her Instagram profile. She is addicted to looking at her Instagram likes each time she posts a new photo of herself. Not only is she addicted to Instagram but her business runs on Instagram, each time people view her profile they have the option of clicking on her website link. To cut it short she does her marketing by taking selfies and other photo’s in spectacular locations.

Her boyfriend had broken up with her for another girl a month ago. Now she had to remove all the photos with her boyfriend from all her social media accounts. The breakup was bad, and now there was admin to deal with as well. She misses the sex and fun times they had together. All the stress and depression really got to her. She took off from work to deal with it for a very long time. Her followers started to worry as she has been quiet about it in the virtual world.

She is a sexual creature and needed some love really soon. She found Ian Marshall’s website a long time ago while still dating her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to try an erotic massage at the time but her ex-boyfriend didn’t like the idea very much. “Hi, Ian. I came across your website and I am really interested in the erotic massage service you provide. I am available this evening at my place.” She sends Ian a Whatsapp message. “I am available this evening, have you received an erotic massage before? What sexual fantasies should I specifically focus on?” Ian responds. “No, I have not received an erotic massage before but I am very much sexual. I would like to be the giver where you can be the receiver. Do you allow this?” She replies. “Yes, I do whatever makes the client excited and happy. See you later.”

She did not even want to receive anything, sometimes giving a man a hot blowjob can fuel her female sexual fantasies for weeks. The memories of getting down on her knees and rocking his boat like the Titanic can make her pussy wet as hell!

Ian walks into her apartment and has a bit of conversation going on with her before getting started. “Let me work on your back then buttocks.” Ian said. “Ian, let me be the giver. You relax and be prepared to let me take control. I love being in control. Quick warning, I am going to give you the best blow job in the world and it will never ever be as good this blowjob. I am the Queen of blowjobs.” Carly said. “Oh really? Show me what you got. I have had plenty before and would really love to compare the best with the best.” Ian responds.

Her hands kneaded his thighs, her fingers were inches from his balls. Her nails brushed up against his balls. Ian quickly grabbed a pillow from the lounge area to put under her knees so she could be more comfortable. When she was in a good position, she reached up into his lap and started to foreplay him. “Oh Lord!” Ian said. “No, I’m not your Lord. I am Carly your blowjob queen.” Carly rectified him.

“Carly! Your hands on top of me feels very great.” Ian said. “You love it? Wait until my mouth is on it! Sucking your shaft and licking the head of your cock, giving you head.” She returned to her kneeling position on the floor and she roughly spread her legs far wide and apart. The wider Ian’s legs were spread apart the easier it was for Carly to authenticate his cock and balls. She spent time kissing his thighs and getting closer to his balls.

He let out a loud moan when she put one of his balls into her mouth. She swished it around inside her mouth and then switched to the other one. She also began stroking his thighs with her hands. She managed to put his balls directly into her mouth at once. She licked his balls while warming them up with her hot mouth. She used her tongue to move them all around, her lips were enveloping his entire sack, up to the root of his cock. Her hands began to stroke his dick. She removed his balls from this mouth and licked his shaft with the tip of her tongue. She started from the root and worked her way up to get to the sensitive side of his dick right under the head. She gave that area some licks and then teased him a bit more with some long and slow licks from top to bottom on the shaft. She went and put her lips around the whole head of his cock and started to gently suck him off.

She lowered her mouth over his entire member and getting it deep inside her mouth. She slowly bobbed his head up and down on his lap to get her hands under to squeeze his butt hard. She knew he was enjoying his blowjob from the queen herself. “I feel so empowered making a man blow his load inside my throat because I got him off.” She said. She hates to remove his cock from her mouth for even one second but she knew he would want to hear a bit of that information.

She made sexual sounds to excite him, she knew for a fact that men love hearing erotic moans from women even when they are only for effect. It turns them on completely. She moved his cock inside her cheeks and getting it as deep into her throat. She was buried into his lap, his dick inside her mouth, his thighs pressed up against her cheeks and her nose in his lap. Her eyelashes knocked against his pubic hair. She stroked his heavy balls erotically. His balls was closer to his thighs. She sucked and licked him lovingly while fondling his balls.

Spurt after spurt of hot come shot down her throat which was not as strong sensation as Apple Cider Vinegar. She was able to gulp most of it down quickly. His long hard dick was quivered with some involuntary aftershocks and more creamy lime juice went down her throat. She had kept his long hard cock in her mouth after the main orgasm finished. Still there was drops of come still dripping out of the head of his dick even after the huge spurting ended.

“Promise me, you will tell every woman they have a very high standard to live with. There can only be one Queen of Blow Jobs” Carly demanded.

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