The beauty of sensual and erotic massage therapy is that it offers sexual foreplay. Erotic massage falls in the line between stripping and escort services. While escort services mainly offers sex with a select few offering foreplay. The erotic massage therapy focuses completed on the release for orgasmic pleasure and is done in a more relaxing way. Strippers are mainly there to dance and get the viewer aroused. This article intends to focus on the difference between erotic massage therapists, strippers and escorts.

Erotic Massage Therapy

Erotic massage therapy or otherwise known as sensual massage includes everything in a normal massage but with more sexuality involved. Most erotic massage therapists allow mutual touching. Some allows mutual touching for regular clients only. Each massage therapist has his or her own limitations, learn more on Benefits of Vagina Massage. The client as well as the therapist are in the nude during the massage session, learn more on How to Prepare for an Erotic Massage. Below I will go into the difference between erotic massage therapists and the other professions mentioned. The amazing part about the erotic massage business is that no company is a direct competitor to another, its all about what the client prefers.

Where to find Erotic massage in Cape Town?

By Male Therapist for females:

By Women for men:


Stripping was a stepping stone for me getting into the erotic massage business. Strippers dance an incredible way and are always on their feet. They are passionate, enjoy entertaining people and look after themselves. Most of them are from Ukraine and Russia. The sole purpose is for the people watching to get aroused. This usually happens when a group of friends go on a night out and want to have a good time. Problem with strippers is that they allow you to look but you can’t touch and they do not offer orgasm release. If you talk to them properly you might end up going home with one or two of them without paying for it.

Where to find strippers in Cape Town?

Male Strippers:

Female Strippers:


Escorts are illegal in most countries of the world except in some where there are Red Light Districts as tourist attractions such as Netherlands and Germany. Strippers and massage therapists are all legal to enjoy. There are different kinds of escorts from the super low price to the very expensive price. Be careful when looking at the women on these websites as most of them Photoshop images of themselves. I have differentiated the different types of escorts, the below goes from the lowest to the highest of prices. Some they offer erotic massage, but do not buy erotic massage from an escort. They are not trained for this sort of job. The difference between erotic massage therapists is they have the proper massage oils and are fully trained.

Escorts from Tinder

These girls never call themselves escorts but indirectly they are escorts. They might be free but you still have to pay for drinks, meals and snacks. And not to mention, spend time chatting to them on Whats-app to gain that extra bit of comfort before seduction. On the first date, you might get away with buying them a coffee. There are some decent girls on Tinder that want relationships and who go on to look for love but I’m not referring to them.

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Average Looking Escorts in Cape Town

They do it for the money to support their family and kids. Hardly any of them do it for passion. This is all my opinion but none of these women are pretty so don’t expect a good return on your investment. This is what separates the erotic massage therapists and strippers from the escorts. Some of them are street prostitutes and portray themselves as being of higher value online. So be careful when making a booking. Sometimes it is not safe out there. Do not go to their houses unless they are in an apartment where you can do off street parking. I would not recommend these kind of escort services but if this fits your budget then why not?

Where to find Average Escorts in Cape Town

Upmarket Escorts in Cape Town

Not all the escorts displayed on the websites are beautiful in real life. The more they charge does not necessarily mean they are hotter. You have to look at their photographs on the website clearly before making a decision. The higher the price, the higher the value of the girl. Price ranges from R5,000 – R10,000 per hour. Do beware some that some over charge or over sell themselves. But this is more professional, safe and discreet.

Where to find Upmarket Escorts in Cape Town

Porn Star Escorts

They charge an average amount of money starting from $1000 per hour. This is probably the best sex anybody can get and totally worth it. I would recommend this to any open minded person. You have seen them in the movies, now experience it in person. Though, they are not available in Cape Town. You can find them easily in the top cities in the world such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Dubai others.

Where to find Porn Star Escorts

Super Model Escorts

They charge the most amount of money due to the value they offer. The highest amount I have heard was $50,000 per hour. Most of them reside in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York. Now the price is high because these women are pretty famous and extremely busy. They also do not want to be known as an escort. When you make a booking you have to go via an application process through an agent, screening, set up an appointment months in advance as well as make a deposit.


Best pick is to go for Erotic Massage Therapy because you get all the sexual pleasure from touching. You can’t possible get infected with a disease from erotic massage or watching a stripper dance. Escorts are illegal where as strippers and erotic massage therapists are all fully legal. The problem with strippers is that they do not provide sexual touching and orgasmic release as in erotic or tantric massage therapy. Erotic massage allows you to get the best of both worlds and sexologist recommends it. The difference between erotic massage therapists with strippers and female escorts are quite high.

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