There are different types of sexual massages offered around the world, I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the difference because many future clients and people exploring this beautiful world does not know the definition.

This way you when you book a massage, you know what to expect and avoid getting scammed. Just a word of caution, these are from my knowledge and from my years of experience the different meanings. Some other people in the industry might have other opinions about it. Surely, these massages can also be customized to the client’s individual needs and anything else can be added on top of the current nude massage. This obviously needs to be communicated upfront with the massage therapist.

Sensual Erotic Tantra Happy Endings Kama Sutra
**Origin** West West East West East
**What the massage includes?** Light touching on the erogenous zones throughout the massage More than light touching on the erogenous zones throughout the massage Same as Sensual massage but with the goal of being more spiritual. The vagina is sacred and called 'Yoni' Traditional ‘boring’ massage Using sexual positions from the Kama Sutra in the form of massage
**When does client orgasm?** Anytime during or after the massage Multiple orgasms throughout the massage Throughout the massage At the end of the massage Throughout the massage

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What I offer is a mix of both Sensual and Erotic Massage, I am based in Cape Town but often travel overseas to meet with clients. I use the Kama Sutra massage oil. Anything else or additional, please contact me directly. What is important is that sexologists strongly recommends it.

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