The beauty of sensual massage is that it can be customized to each client differently. The sensual experience will be different all the time. A variety of strokes can be used depending on what the client enjoys. There are various other types of massages to find in Cape Town that follows certain structure which I will name below:

What is Thai massage?

Is a healing system combining acupressure with yoga stretching of the body.

Where to find Thai massage?

What is Swedish massage?

Acted on the body with pressure. It can be applied with any part of the body with focused on light, flowing, flat hands, kneading, vibration and friction. Is good for sports injuries and some painful conditions.

What is Holistic massage?

Aims to reach mind, soul and body. Also includes counseling and healing techniques.

Where to find Holistic massage?

What is Aromatherapy massage?

This kind of massage is used with highly concentrated plant oils added to the massage oil. It used for relaxation and to promote healing.

What is Tantra massage?

Originated from the traditions of Buddism and Hinduism. Currently being used as a form of meditation.

Where to find Tantra massage?

What is Sensual massage?

Uses massage techniques in a sexual manner for arousal and to achieve orgasm.

Where to find Sensual massage?

By Male Therapist for females only:

By Women for men:

Other Massages

For private massage therapists:

For purchasing oils:

When you research for massages to find in Cape Town, I do wish you luck in find the best massage therapists in the area. Once you do find them, it will be your lucky day.

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