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This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the erotic massage.


Greg bid Ian farewell and hung up the phone. It had been about a month since their most recent experience with the massage therapist, and Greg felt like he was ready to treat Jasmine again. There wasn’t a special occasion this time, but he still wanted to surprise her.

He and Ian had planned to meet up at the hotel, again, and set up the room within a week. Greg wanted to personalize the experience this time and had some ideas for aromatherapy and the music.

When the time came, and Greg was helping Ian set up the room, he unpacked the rose, sandalwood, and jasmine scented candles. He had experimented with different scents a lot in the past month, and these had the best combined smell, and he found they made him think of romance, sex, and adventure.

While Ian set up the music, Greg popped a mixed CD into the player and hit play. Instantly, the sound of the waves breaking against the beach filled the room. That paired with the smell was enough to make him want to lay die and get a massage, but this was for Jasmine, and Ian didn’t massage on men.

When everything was in place, Greg arranged a chair in the corner of the room where he could see Jasmine and Ian completely without having any of the action obstructed by furniture or their bodies. Then he called Jasmine.

Within the hour Jasmine had pulled up and came into the room. She recognized the set up immediately, and her entire face lit up. Greg greeted her and ensured that she had followed his instructions entirely. Shower, shave and moisturize.

He placed a kiss on her soft lips and helped her undress. He then led her to the bed and helped her to get comfortable. All the while, Ian was in the bathroom mixing and heating his oils.

When Ian came out from the bathroom, he was completely naked. Greg could see Jasmine’s body tense at the anticipation, and a smile flashed across her face. Her eyes devoured every inch of his body, any shyness or reserve she had shown previously, completely gone!

When Ian began massaging her shoulders, she reached a hand around and cupped his ass. His hands kneaded, cupped, and pushed on her back and shoulders. Before he moved to her ass, he slipped one hand between her cheeks, down past her lips, and flicked her clit until she was moaning.

Jasmine looked over at Greg when Ian began playing with her and saw his pants rise a bit. She smiled and continued groaning, her eyes rolling back.

Ian edged her twice and continued with the massage. Moving from her lower back to her ass. He pushed her ass cheeks in such a way that her vagina lips rubbed against her clit, causing her to moan. She peeked at Greg to catch him rubbing himself through his pants, watching the scene unfold with a heavy-lidded expression.

She went back to focusing on just how wet Ian was making her, her expression growing heavy. Ian massaged, kneaded, and squeezed her ass cheeks until she was completely relaxed and fully aroused.

Then with her still on her stomach, he dropped to his knees on the bed and buried his face in her pussy. He lapped at her clit and sucked on her lips until she was nearly screaming in ecstasy. She was clutching the covers when she heard Greg shift in his seat and a sharp intake of breath.

She opened her eyes to see that he had started to stroke himself to the scene before him. She glanced back to see Ian’s strong back hunched as he pushed his face into her body. Her breath caught in her throat as she neared an orgasm, but she willed it off with patterned breathing.

Apparently, Ian had other plans, though, as he roughly flipped her over and started licking her again. This time focusing all his attention on her clit. Nibbling, rolling it between his lips, quickly flicking his tongue over it. She neared another orgasm again, and once again tried to fight it off.

She did not have as much luck this time. While she was able to fight off the orgasm and stay on the edge for a couple of minutes, Ian’s skill was no match for her edging technique, and it wasn’t long before she was pushed over the edge. She clutched at the pillow under her head and bit her lip to hold back a loud sigh.

When Ian was satisfied, and Jasmine was left gasping for air, he straddled her hips and began massaging her breasts. This caused soft moans to escape her lips, and she kept her eyes closed. Ian teased her bare belly with his hard cock.

He finished massaging her breasts and moved his hands down to her stomach. While he was doing this, she had more time to relax and come down from her orgasm. She reached out and began softly stroking his dick.

His hands didn’t falter, but he did momentarily close his eyes at her touch. He moved his hands down to her hips and gently dug his thumbs into the hollow places found there, causing her hips to buck upward and a sharp gasp. She bit her lip and tightened her hand around his cock.

He finished massaging her belly and moved down to the front of her thighs. With one hand kneading the muscle there, the other found its way back to her pussy and began massaging her outer lips. With the entire flat part of his hand pressed against her mound, he worked in such a way that without touching it, he massaged her engorged clit as well.

Her hands stopped stroking him, and she relished in this sensation he was creating. With one finger on the hand, he was using on her pussy; he slipped a single finger past her lips and into her vaginal canal. Using that finger, he found her g-spot and stroked it until she could no longer fight back the moans.

When she reached that point, he quickly stuck two more fingers into her tight little pussy and used the three fingers to bring her to another orgasm rapidly. This one rocked her entire body and had her screaming so loudly that Greg worried the hotel manager would be out there soon.

Thankfully, she regained control over herself and came back down, with ragged breaths. As soon as her pussy stopped clenching around his fingers, Ian withdrew his fingers and slipped his cock deep into her all with one smooth motion. Her back arched and her hands grasped the bed sheets as she adjusted to his size.

Sitting on his knees, buried completely inside of her, he grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders. In this position, he knew he’d be able to reach that spot deep within the vagina that most men weren’t even aware of!

Slowly at first, he began rocking back and forth, causing his member to slip nearly out of her and plunge back into her depths. Each time the head of his cock hit that spot, she would gasp. Picking up the pace he was careful not to move too much, but wanted to apply more pressure to that area swiftly and bring her to the brink of another orgasm.

It wasn’t long before every breath she took was a moan, sigh, or gasp in response to his motions. He edged her a couple of times before really going at it and pushing her over the edge. When she came, her entire body went rock hard and her pussy clamped around his dick. She held her breath as the orgasm took over her entire body. As she relaxed, Ian slipped out of her and finished the massage.

His quick, magic hands went over her body once more before ultimately ending the massage. He ensured that every muscle in her body was relaxed and that she had thoroughly enjoyed her massage, as much as she had enjoyed the play.

Later, as he was packing up, Jasmine and Greg talked again about how hot the experience was and how they would like to explore it more. They spoke with Ian about role playing and other aspects they could bring to the massage and agreed they would be in touch for a third appointment.

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