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“I’ve been thinking about that hot wife thing you mentioned,” Greg timidly brought up to Jasmine.

“Oh yeah?” a smile stretched across her face and she felt an ache in her lower abdomen. Merely the thought of Greg watching another man take her was enough to make her all tingly.

“Mhm,” he affirmed. “I think I could do it if the guy didn’t actually have sex with you.”

Jasmine thought about this for a second. Her experience with Hotwifing so far was with an ex-boyfriend who also identified as a cuck and loved watching a stud take her. She understood Greg’s hesitation with the kink, but loved the aspect of her man watching another man fuck her brains out.

Jasmine got off knowing that her man was feeling humiliated, aroused, and confused watching her be pleased by another man. The appeal to Hotwifing, for her, was that her man would be watching another man take her as he would himself. Completely and utterly, pounding into her tight little pussy.

She felt that taking sex out of the occasion would take out most of the appeal. But she was grateful that he was coming around. Up until recently Greg had been very vanilla and she was craving something extra. She missed hot Hotwifing, but never expected him to warm up to the idea.

“I suppose that could be interesting,” she tried to keep her tone excited. Hell! She was excited. Greg had been so against the idea when she brought it up to him a couple of months ago.

They discussed it a bit more, but then the conversation died off. A couple of weeks passed and Jasmine figured that Greg had forgotten. Resigning to go back to their normal, boring sex, she didn’t bring it back up.

Meanwhile, Greg had been speaking with Ian, an erotic massage therapist in Cape Town. They had been planning an erotic massage for Jasmine’s birthday. This year he planned to give her the biggest surprise, and this seemed like the best option.

With the help of Ian, Jasmine could have the hot wife experience and Greg wouldn’t have to endure watching another man actually fuck her. Ian had assured him that there was no sex involved in the massage, but that he’d be happy to kick it up a notch with some oral action to add that extra kick for Jasmine.

The appointment was set and the ground rules were laid out, the only thing left to do was get Jasmine to the hotel room without her figuring out what was going on. Greg had gone to the room earlier that day to set it up.

There were candles, a cot, and music playing. He had asked Jasmine to take a bath while he was gone, and when he got back she was dressed in the outfit he had laid out. She skirt was just short enough that he could easily cup her ass cheek, but couldn’t see it. Paired with the t-shirt he had chosen, she was stunning. He was ready to take her right then and there! But knew it would ruin the surprise.

On the way to the hotel, Jasmine had her hand resting on Greg’s leg. The drive wasn’t a long one, but in no time at all, Jasmine had Greg’s cock standing at full attention and begging him to let her play with it. Again, he refrained, afraid from spoiling the surprise.

Once at the hotel room, Greg played like he was going to treat her to a massage and had her lay out the way Ian had instructed him to with her eyes closed. Then he crept over to the door and let Ian in. Thankfully, the music was just loud enough that she didn’t hear anything. Ian and Greg exchanged introductions and went over the rules once more.

Greg sat in the chair across the room but where Jasmine would see him if she opened her eyes. And Ian began to knead her shoulders and back. She moaned at the first touch, the way he worked his hands over her body was like magic. She was already turned on and ready for Greg to take her.

She opened her eyes, ready to just beg him to fuck her, but gasped at seeing Greg across the room. She started to get up, but Greg assured her it was okay and in a gentle tone explained the surprise.

After being in on it, she relaxed again, and Ian continued to work on her body, now at her ass. The thought of Greg watching another man pleasure her, combined with the teasing from the drive over had her pussy soaked, and it was nothing when Ian inserted two fingers into her tight little cunt. She wiggled around his fingers and shot Greg a pleased smile.

Ian’s fingers explored her pussy, pushing on her g-spot, his thumb expertly working her clit. She was clutching at the bed sheets covering the cot and trying to stifle a moan. Greg was obviously uncomfortable, but kept his eyes glued to the scene playing out before him. A prominent bulge was noticeable in his pants.

Ian brought her to the edge of an orgasm and went back to massaging her body. He finished with her back and asked her to roll over. She did, obviously showing off her hot little body. Instead of doing as he normally would and straddle her, he pulled her hips down to the edge of the cot where her legs were hanging off. Then he got on his knees between her legs and flicked his tongue up the entire length of her pussy.

She moaned at the first contact from his warm mouth. Her back arched as he explored her more with his tongue and lips. He sucked on her pussy lips and slipped two fingers deep into her, massaging her g-spot until she was begging for more. When she felt like she was going to cum, he took his fingers out, but continued to eat her out.

Keeping the nature of the massage, he kneaded her tits while moving his tongue around her clit, over her lips, and into her pussy. Her back arched again when he took her clit between his lips and teased it with his tongue. One hand on her left breast, he once more took the other and inserted two digits into her. While playing with her clit he pounded her cunt with his fingers, pushing her over the edge and into an entire body orgasm.

She grasped at the sheets covering the cot, her body coming off the bed, and moaned loudly. Her entire body tensed and relaxed as wave after wave washed over her. One hand found its way to Ian’s head and she gently tugged on his hair. He continued eating her out until her legs were quivering.

Satisfied with his oral skills and her reaction, Ian went back to the massage. Occasionally he would reach down and play with her pussy while massaging her body, but not enough to get her even close to another orgasm.

At this point, Jasmine was begging for him to fill her with his cock. When he finished with the front of her legs, he glanced over at Greg. Almost reluctantly, Greg nodded, the sign that it was okay to go further. Ian climbed onto the table, between Jasmine’s legs and in one smooth motion slipped his cock between her engorged labia.

Her entire body tensed around his dick, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Ian paused to give her a moment and when she opened her eyes, she looked over to Greg. He seemed even more uncomfortable, but was rubbing his own cock through his pants, his eyes glued to Jasmine and Ian.

Ian started slow, but was soon fucking Jasmine so hard that the cot was rocking beneath them. Jasmine’s moans were animalistic and she was begging him not to stop. Greg’s uneven and hard breathing mixed with her moans and Ian’s grunts.

Once the massage therapist finished and was gone, Jasmine sauntered over to Greg, still completely nude, her legs shaking ever so slightly. She smiled and noticed the bulge in his pants had grown even more. “So, you enjoyed it, huh?” She giggled.

“Not as much as you did.” He returned her smile, reaching up to caress her mound. He slipped a finger between her lips, feeling how incredibly wet she was. Her body melted around his fingers as he played with her clit.

“Want me to help with that?” she sighed, referring to his rock hard cock.

“You know it, babe,” Greg’s voice was huskier than it had been moments before. He unbuttoned his pants and guided Jasmine on to his dick.

This time was unlike other every other sexual experience they had had together. Greg was aggressive and didn’t hold back. Jasmine rode him with more enthusiasm. After they finished, twice, they made plans to schedule another massage in a few months.

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