Erotic massage is a form of sex educational therapy in which one of the uses can be to repair torn relationships. Some people do think that there are only old or dysfunctional people who go for erotic massage but this is not the case. Many women suffer from sexual problems whether it is from their current partner or their upbringing or just every day stress.

Define erotic massage

Erotic massage uses a variety of movements to create anxiety in the senses and in turn arouse the body. Depending on who gives the massage, it will end either in orgasm or sequential/multiple orgasms during the full duration of the massage session. This can be given through stimulation or penetration but this is strongly dependent on the clients boundaries and if the massage therapist decides that it is therapeutic for the session. Massage is meant to be enjoyable for all to experience, female orgasms are merely an extension to the pleasure.

Is erotic massage cheating?

The question is, if somebody else besides your partner is touching you sexually then it is classified as cheating. Erotic massage is education and therapy in one. Standard or traditional massage stimulates the mind and body. This does result in clients being more relaxed but when they leave they do tend to feel like they are missing out on something sexual. Some people do get aroused in a standard massage service and this is quite normal. Erotic massage does not discriminate, its focus is on all the sexual parts of the body. The erotic massage therapists know how to arouse your body and to stay in the appropriate boundaries. They are trained professionals with great amounts of expertise.

How can erotic massage save my relationship?

Relationships break when there are no chemical reactions, this is also known by others as a decrease in sparks or flames between the couple. Sexual Intercourse is an important part of any relationship and the lack of chemistry will lead to very boring sexual intercourse. Female orgasm pleasure would not be the same any longer. This usually leads to the couple looking for comfort and entertainment somewhere else.

Sparks can be recovered from an erotic massage because it uses specific kinds of movements to arouse the body. When your partner is not able to satisfy you the way he/she used to then an erotic massage therapist is skilled enough to assist with that. This skill is giving pleasure to the female with his hands. He will be able to find new ways to be touched and places on your smooth body that you would not ever expect to be a turn on. Once you discover this, you can share them with your partner to bring the chemistry back.

Erotic massage gives rise to extremely happy feelings after a new a level of self-awareness. The status of your mind and the sexuality of the massage allows the therapist and client to form deeper emotional connections and understandings with your partner. Erotic massage is the perfect way to find your deepest desires and lost sparks. Having this massage with a massage therapist provides a new platform for couples to connect emotionally and physically. Read more.

Interested in an erotic massage?

The best way to get an erotic massage is to get it from a professional erotic massage therapist. Your partner can go and learn it on YouTube or by purchasing some books but it is not the same as a professionally trained massage therapist who has years of experience with multiple clients. He knows the vagina from inside to outside.

It might be very nervous in the beginning to be in the nude with a complete stranger. But after a few minutes the nervousness would fall away with the level of comfort increasing to another level. The masseur knows exactly how to be slow, when and where to touch. He keeps his focus on arousing and teasing. He will discuss boundaries, use light touches, slow speeds and trace circles or paths across the body. In the beginning it will feel like a standard massage as the erogenous zones are ignored. When the orgasm is released after a few rounds of teasing, there should be a release of tension and you will be left more satisfied than ever.

erotic massage

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