Ian Marshall is the sole owner of Ian Marshall Massage in Cape Town and is rated as one of the best. He has been practicing sensual erotic full body massages since 2010 and strives to provide customer satisfaction in every way possible. He is located in Cape Town, but don’t let that stop you from booking an erotic massage as he is willing to travel and highly recommended from previous clients. For more detail about the massage, you can click Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where are you from?
I was born and bred in Cape Town.

2) What got you started on sensual massage and where did you train for erotic massages?
While I was performing full body massage in Cape Town. My female clients started getting turned on. They kept talking and asking about going deeper in to get to a more sexual level of massage. I then went for training in the East mainly the north of Thailand. I am a professional, though I accept the money from clients, I do all the work out of love for the massage experience. I am passionate about women and making them happy. To make them feel good by giving them the best massage experience ever makes my day.

3) What do you do when you aren’t massaging?
I am in love with fashion, beauty, style, nature and the outdoors. I hike quite a bit and go to the gym to do workouts. Also belong to a yoga and Pilate’s studio. I relax myself by writing books and online articles about my work. My next book might be called Confessions of a Male Massage Therapist. Taking photo’s keeps me calm and gives me the extra motivation to go out early in the morning long before the sun is shining.

4) What is your age? What age are your clients?
At the age of this interview I am 27 years old. I was born in 1989. My clients range from as early as 19 right through till 50 years of age.

5) How do clients know about you and find out about your service?
Most of my clients know me by word of worth as well as existing clients refer me to newer clients. My passion for massage especially in the field of Sensual, Erotic and Tantra is never-ending and I will always go the extra mile for my clients.

6) Why sensual erotic massage? Why not aromatherapy or Swedish massage?
I am a professional and I focus on the mastery of the craft in giving pleasure to the female body. I prefer to be the master and leader of my field and only offer one type of massage. In this way people recognize you as the leader in the area of expertise. The amateur is a person that works on and off and does multiple types of work (ie: multiple types of massages, manicures, pedicures, hair cuts and more). A professional is there 24 hours a day specializing in one technique only. Did you know that the word ‘amateur’ is from the root Latin word meaning ‘to love’? The amateur does his work out of love. If he really loved his work, he would not do it on the side line, instead he would be good and specialise in one technique only. This is what separates me being a professional and an amateur. I love the art so much that I decided to dedicate my life to it.

7) What do you enjoy most about giving sensual erotic massages?
I enjoy the sounds that my clients make. It gives me a good understanding that she is really enjoying herself and that I am doing an excellent job. I love being touched back, whether it be hands, tongue or lips. The travelling aspect as well, I enjoy going into different hotels, meeting amazing people and travelling the world. Luckily for me, I have clients that pay for it.

8) Do you wish you could receive sensual erotic massages as much as you give them?
Not really, I am a workaholic, I rather prefer working which means I prefer giving the massage to clients. In this way I am more in control of the situation. I enjoy it much more when I give the massage than when I receive the massage. I have tried out a few places that offer Erotic and Sensual Massage, some of them don’t’ really know what they are doing. Some of the female therapists are there purely for the money and any customer can sense that feeling. One example is that they advertise for 60 minutes but the session is only 40 minutes. Some of them advertise for Tantric Massage but when you experience it is not the true Tantric experience. I am very passionate about what I do, when I am with clients I always tend to give more than what I receive.

9) What do you do to help clients who are anxious?
If they are married or are in a relationship, they can bring their spouse with, but this is only for their husband/boyfriend to observe and not to join in. Most of the time, my clients are nervous in the beginning but once we meet the nervousness goes away. They enjoy themselves during the session so much that they book another session and refer me to their friends and colleagues.

10) What is your favorite massage oil to use?
My favourite is Sparkling Strawberry Wine Flavoured Massage Oil and currently use it on all my clients. I personally like the smell, the mixture and the way it glides on the female body.

11) What is your most memorable experience in the erotic massage business?
I can’t really tell, this is quite discreet.

12) Who is your main clientele and what are their reasons for taking a massage?
Models, media personalities, business executives, teachers, travelers and many more. Many of them are very beautiful actually. Some have never been with another man other than their husband before and want to experience something totally different. Their husbands allow me to massage them because of the level of trust involved. Some travel all the way just for the massage. While others are in Cape Town for a few days either for a model shoot or on business, they want to experience something they have never experienced before. A select few of them sends me to their country.

13) What makes you different from another guy?
I am a professional, I dedicate my life to the art of sensual massage. I know exactly where to touch and the technique used to give multiple powerful orgasms. Women love it and they sure do come back for more. This is not possible for an average guy. Many guys come to me for consultations and ask for certain expertise as well.

14) What is your favourite nail colours on women?
My favourite colours are blue and white. Blue more because it is my favourite colour. The perfect woman is when her toe nails are blue and finger nails are white. Although there are various ways in which to make it look pretty.

15) What music do you use during the massage?
I like to play the Kamasutra Erotic Chillout – this is very peaceful and puts the client in a different world when receiving my sensual erotic massage.