Orgasms are the same as travelling, every now and again you want to stay in a new hotel or resort in a different city. Or for non travellers, think of eating food. I mean, you want to try out different types of food once you know it exists or you get a recommendation it tastes delicious. The main motivation for this is to get away from the everyday life and experience something new and different. This is what I call the female orgasm bucket list.

A quick definition of a female orgasm is when a woman reaches the peak of enjoyment. Once this occurs she would feel like she is in a different multi-dimensional universe. Orgasms are a requirement for happy, meaningful and/or fulfilling sex. Now before I move into the complexities, there are different types of orgasms that is achievable but unfortunately not all women is able to.

I hate to hear that people are not having a good sex life. I would like for all women to achieve orgasms anywhere and at any time. Orgasms are one roller-coaster and relaxing experience.

Why is it Hard for Women to Orgasm?

There are plenty of known female orgasms that have been discovered. Some we have heard of, some we have not. Scientists and researchers are still discovering new types of female orgasms. Most of these orgasms are discovered by accident. There are many of ways of achieving a female orgasm but most women still seem to fake it. Mainly because of the low skills and ignorance from her partner. His lack of affection, comfort and foreplay also plays a role in making it difficult. It is very difficult for men to know whether the orgasm is fake or not. Some women are only able to achieve orgasm on their own using a dildo or vibrator. What I found is that lesbian couples have less problems in achieving orgasms. This is probably due to the fact they both know the vagina very well.

Sex Therapist Disagreement

A large portion of women do find it easy to orgasm through clit stimulation rather than other kinds of orgasms. Some Sex Therapists agree that clit stimulation must be the only way to orgasm for struggling females. I disagree with that statement and it is not the only way. Women should try and achieve all the orgasms that have been discovered. It might be worth the time to try clit stimulation before, during or after any other types of orgasms. It just adds the spice to the remix and more stamina for the vagina.

Erotic Massage and the Female Orgasm

Since I have been doing erotic massage for various client’s needs. I know that every woman’s body responds differently to the way how she is stimulated. This makes communication extremely important. When there is something the woman is not liking, she should mention it to the therapist. I can’t read a woman’s mind which makes it of utmost importance to be able to communicate what feels good and bad during the sensual massage session.

A woman who communicates more will have it easier to orgasm because her therapist will know what she likes sexually. Sexual pleasure is mainly about emotions and relaxation. The orgasm will only happen when there is relaxation and trust between the woman and massage therapist. Male erotic massage therapists are trained and experienced enough to satisfy the female client because they know the longer it takes, the better the total experience for her. Sensual massage can also be thought of as an advanced level of foreplay.

Kinds of Female Orgasms

Different types of female orgasms that are always on a woman’s bucket list. If you have achieved all of the below then well done to you. I am proud!

These spots and orgasms mentioned below are hot zones for certain women but by no means does it guarantee all women will enjoy these stimulating orgasms. Kegel exercises are used to improve the vaginal muscle strength. With strong pb muscles all the spots below that I mention will be easier to locate and stimulate. A professional athlete or stripper spends about three to six hours a day to be considered good. Many learn to be competent at a hobby only after years of practice.

Single Orgasm

One reflex that expresses itself in vaginal contractions. In other words when a woman reaches a single climax. This is pure, bliss, simple and enjoyable. Some women get tired after one single orgasm and then falls asleep.

Multiple Orgasms

More than one single orgasm where there is a rest period in between climaxing. After the first orgasm, the woman would want to rest for a few minutes before heading off to the next. Some women need to be flooded with wetness and long deep penetration for this to occur.

Sequential Orgasms

This is rare among women and to describe would be to say it is like a storm of single orgasms. One after the other with no break. An example would be five to twenty four orgasms in a row with no stopping.

Clitoral Orgasm

Most women I worked with is able to achieve clitoral orgasm. The clitoris has a total of 8000 nerve fibers that is positioned under the clitoral hood and in front of the female vulva. There are about 20 parts of the clitoris that lie inside and outside of the body. The clitoris will become more sensitive and enlarged as the woman gets more sexually aroused.

G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is positioned about two and a half inches into the vagina. It feels different in texture with a bit of a spongy side to it. There are a variety of ways for hitting this spot by using a rhythm or circular movement. Having sexual intercourse also works but this kind of orgasm is best used with fingers. To achieve it, the therapist would need to put in the index finger and make a ‘come hither’ movement on the g-spot. Once a G-spot orgasm has been achieved, the woman would feel her legs shaking and some kind of explosion inside her. Read more on how to properly stimulate the G-Spot.

Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal orgasm cannot be done from sexual penetration alone, although sometimes it can but very often it can take place. It needs to be achieved with some form of clitoral stimulating. This female orgasm starts out in the vagina and begins to focus on the pelvic and lower stomach areas. Moving in and out first at slow speeds then at faster speeds for a much deeper vibe and connection. The feeling of the vaginal orgasm comes from the back of the clitoris and the 8000 nerve endings being stimulated.

Deep-Spot Orgasm

Deep-spot orgasm is also known as the Posterior Fornix Orgasm. The climax is from stimulating the spot in the deepest back wall of the vagina right before the cervix. Very intense orgasms come from direct stimulation on the Deep Spot. This spot is not known very well, so very few women have ever experience this ecstatic sexual pleasure.

U-Spot Orgasm

In the small sensitive area between the urethra and vagina there is a tissue that is located just above on the other side of the urethral opening. Stimulating this sensitive area can result in a kind of orgasm that most people prefer to call the U-spot orgasm. If this part is slowly and gently touched with the naked finger, wet tongue or tip of the penis. There can be enormous erotic responses. The way this area should be treated should be the same way as treating the clitoris.

Cervical Orgasm

The middle of the cervix is very sensitive. When it is properly touched it can produce intensive feelings, vibrations and emotions. The cervix is shaped like a donut. Some women have homemade donut shaped cervixes while others have Dunkin Donut or Krispy Kreme donut shaved cervixes. Some loved to be touched here while others do not.

Breast Orgasm

Most, if not all women can feel a good increase of sexual excitement when their nipples are properly stimulated either using fingers, tongue or mouth. Every woman’s nipples are different, so this depends on the sensitivity of the nipples. The female genitals and nipples are directly related, so there is usually a direct connection with the clitoris when the nipples are stimulated. The breast orgasm usually occurs during the peak of stimulation.

Squirting Orgasm

When enjoying a G-Spot orgasm, a stream of milky liquid can be released that results in a very intensive experience. Many scientists believe this fluid or milky liquid comes out from the urethra. Lots and lots of water is essential for this to occur. Use two fingers to increase the pressure and speed. There are odd occasions where a woman would pee during this orgasm. This brings an accomplishment for both partners in the relationship. Researchers are saying only a tiny amount of women is able to have a squirting orgasm. I think the more fit the woman is, the better chance of having it.

Oral Orgasm

Many women describe the sexual pleasure of oral orgasm as the beginning in their lips and then spreading from the mouth to the erogenous zones and all across the body. The oral or mouth orgasm is usually from licking, sucking and or kissing as the mouth and tongue plays big role in the erotic nervous system.

Skin Orgasm

This orgasm is possible via tantric or erotic massage. This is achieved by using gentle hands and fingers from a professional massage therapist to focus on areas of the body that are not erogenous by can create an amazing sensual feeling that generates an orgasm.

Mental Orgasm

When women watch sexual stimulation of others on video. They can become so turned on that some have the potential to experience an orgasm from the excitement.

Blended Orgasm

Most experts, scientists, researchers, therapists and women confirm this to be the most powerful orgasm. Think of it as a two in one special. Experiencing two orgasms at the same time. This orgasm combines the G-Spot orgasm with the Clitoris orgasm to give the most intensive pleasure. If the G-Spot can be located easily, then it will not be difficult to perform.

Lesbian Scissor Orgasm

Scissoring is when two vaginas rub against each other also known as Tribadism Some lesbian women are only able to orgasm in this manner.


Just like travelling to a new place, unknown area, city or country. Achieving different kinds of orgasms in a different manner has the same commonality. Think about which orgasms you achieved and which orgasm you need help with. My job is to make you reach your full capacity.