Over three hundred women in the New York area were interviewed recently. All participants were between the ages of nineteen and fifty one. They were from different economic and ethnic backgrounds. Results are as follows:

Question - Do you orgasm during sexual intercourse often?

“Yes” - 34%

“No” - 66%

Question - When you do not have an orgasm, do you fake it?

“Yes” - 61%

“No” - 39%

Question - Have you ever had multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse?

“Yes” - 29%

“No” - 71%

Question - Would you like to learn how to have multiple orgasms?

“Yes” - 49%

“No” - 51%

Question - When you do not climax, do you think your partner lacks a certain skill?

“Yes” - 61%

“No” - 39%

Question - What should you do to climax?

“Go to a professional” - 56%

“Speak to your partner and ask him to work harder” - 44%

Question - Have you squirted before?

“Yes” - 14%

“No” - 86%

Question - If there were one thing you could ask your partner to do differently, what would it be?

“More Foreplay” - 58%

“Verbalize More” - 20%

“Hug More Afterward” - 22%

Question - Which type of profession helped you the most with achieving orgasms?

“Sex Therapist” - 35%

“Sex Educator” - 9%

“Erotic Massage Therapist” - 56%

Women should first understand what brings them pleasure and how to stimulate it. There can be lots of reasons for low libido which may include stresses of children, money, work, relationships, low energy, depression, anxiety, lack of privacy and medical conditions.

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