Julia flipped her hair over her shoulder, as the photographer demanded she smile wider and change her pose. This shoot was supposed to be like a vacation, more relaxed, but the photographer was pickier than any she had ever worked with! Her slender shoulders ached from the constant pose changes and she knew she wouldn’t sleep a wink tonight.

When the shoot was over, she browsed through the local ads for a full body massage therapist in Cape Town. Being in a new place, she really wanted to try something new, and so far nothing seemed appealing to her. That was, until she got referred by a close friend for a sensual massage in Cape Town. She called and made an appointment, luckily he had an opening in the next few hours could meet her in her room!

Julia prepared herself with a long hot shower and was waiting in her robe when the therapist knocked on her door. After introductions were made and the therapist explained how the massage worked, she slipped the robe off her body and lay on the bed as he instructed.

He started at her tense shoulders, working his hands in a way that instantly relaxed her. She could feel her whole body melting beneath his touch. That was until his hand cupped her perfect ass. She tensed up, knowing what was to come, but not used to be touched that way.

He started working on her butt, his fingers slipping down to caress her lips every now and again. By the time he had gotten to her legs, her pussy was throbbing. He pushed her thighs up and apart, causing her vagina to open slightly, she gasped at the sensation. It had been so long since someone else had played with her.

When the therapist got to her feet, he focused on one at a time with only one hand. The other hand was gently working her lips and clit. She moaned, biting the pillow at his touch. When she was dripping wet, the massage therapist slipped two fingers deep into her pussy. He caressed her g-spot with two fingers, his thumb furiously working her clit, bringing her closer to an orgasm.

He stopped as she hit the edge, and instructed her to roll over. He straddled her lean body, his legs brushing against her sides. She ached for more skin to skin contact but didn’t dare say so. His hands rested on her breasts, and he flexed his fingers. She melted, again. The massage therapist continued to work on her tense muscles, slipping a finger down to play with her clit every now and again.

When he finished with her stomach, he moved between her legs and focused solely on her pussy. He spread his hands over her lips and pushed and pulled on them. Only touching her clit when her back arched and she was loudly moaning. This time he had one hand focused on her clit and lips and the other delved deeply into her. With his fingers working her g-spot and clit at the same time, she came almost instantly.

Her legs were shaking when he moved to start massaging them. Her breathing took a while to return to normal. When she did start breathing normally again, and her body started to relax, the therapist played with her until she came again.

After the second orgasm, he finished the massage without further touch. Once completely done, he instructed her to stay where she was and straddled her legs again. This time, focusing only on her clit, he brought her to the edge of orgasm twice more before allowing her to cum. Her entire body was shaking when he finished. The gorgeous model fully enjoyed her time getting pampered with a sensual massage.

A previous erotica about a wife ordering a sensual massage.

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