Sensual massage Cape Town. Erotic was all her friends could talk about. They had gone on a girl’s vacation, much like a girl’s night out and were all treated to an erotic massage with a happy ending from a male massage therapist. Jamie had to miss out because of a work meeting, but now she regretted it and was overly curious about what an erotic massage entailed. She asked her girl friends, but all they could do was giggle in reply and try to discreetly explain what had happened. The curiosity too much, Jamie ordered a sensual massage with a happy ending in Cape Town for the following week.

A week had passed since she scheduled her appointment, and she had arrived early to the meeting place. She paced around the room in a robe. The male therapist had requested she be in a robe. He also reminded her that a little bit of nervousness was normal and expected. Gah, was she nervous! A knock sounded at the door, and without her answering, the therapist entered.

He asked her to de-robe and lay down on the cot that was in the middle of the room. While she did this, he disappeared into a room off to the side. She hadn’t noticed it before. When he emerged he was fully naked and soft music was playing from inside the smaller room. She wanted to avert her eyes from his nakedness, but couldn’t.

He straddled her body and started working his hands into her sore muscles. At the first touch of his strong hands, she melted. She was overdue for a massage but knew this one would be different.

The first time his hands roamed from mainstream massage to erotic, she tensed. His fingers teased her clit and lips, eliciting a gentle moan from Jamie. She relaxed again, and he slipped a finger into her depths. She clenched around his digit, completely not expecting the intrusion, but welcoming the feelings it provoked.

Just as quickly as his hands had found their way to her pussy, they were gone. He was focused entirely on her perfect ass now. Pushing and pulling the muscles in a way that made her completely aware of her wet and aching vagina. He finished with her backside, every now and again touching her and fingering her pussy, and then instructed her to roll over. Straddling her once again, she was aware of just how close his cock was to her mound. Closing her eyes, she tried not to think about how good it feels to be stretched open and filled with a dick, especially one of his size.

Her mind wandered, if he’s this good with his hands, imagine how good of a lover he must be! She stopped herself. This was an erotic massage, nothing more. He was now working his magic on her breasts. She focused on that. How good it felt, how they felt in his hands.

With one hand working her left breast, the other wandered back down to her pussy and fingered her, finding her g-spot. She gasped when he started caressing it, edging her towards and orgasm. He kept here there. Right there. On the edge, while he massaged the rest of her torso with a single hand.

Finally, he sped up the pace with the finger inserted deep inside of her, and with his other hand, he massaged her clit. Her back arched and she bit her lip, trying to reign in her moans. Her entire body tensed as he brought her over the edge and into a full body orgasm. This was the first time she received a happy ending from a male massage therapist.

Disclaimer: Characters in this erotica are pure fiction and they do not represent any client.

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