Stressed out and tense, Rachelle approached her husband, Brady, about a hot erotic massage service in Cape Town her girlfriends could not stop talking about. She explained that an erotic massage is when both the client and the therapist are naked, and she will experience a full body orgasm, but there will be no sexual intercourse. Turned on by the idea of his wife being at such a relaxing state of orgasmic bliss, Brady was more than happy to let her go.

Rachelle entered the room, wrapped in a thick robe that reminded her of clouds. The lighting was soft and candles were placed strategically around a plush bed in the middle of the room. Tranquil music played from a corner of the room and the therapist was naked with his back turned to her.

“I’m sure you are aware, I am Ian, your massage therapist, are you ready for a hot erotic massage” She could hear the smile on his lips, his voice was deep, yet soft. “In your email, you said work has you on edge, is that what brings you in today?”

She slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it pool around her ankles, and climbed onto the bed. As she situated herself on her stomach, her arms folded under her face, the massage therapist began working her buttocks. At the touch of his strong hands, she melted and sighed into her arms.

“Yes, I am Rachelle. It isn’t just work,” she began. As he worked his hands down to her thighs, she told him everything. Every now and then his fingers would brush against her lips, making her aware of just how engorged they were. His attentiveness to the problems she was facing had her more turned on than his hands. Which were currently gently prodding at her feet.

Ian moved back up her body, working his way to her shoulders. When he finished with her back and arms, she was instructed to roll over. Slightly nervous about exposing her body and fully aware of what was to come, she did as she was told. Once on her back, he positioned himself above her and began to work on her upper chest, edging towards her breasts.

When he started to massage and knead her breasts she moaned, head rolling back at the intense feeling of arousal. Incredibly turned on and anticipating what was to come, she could feel the wetness building between her legs. She tried not to squirm beneath the massage therapist.

As Ian moved down the front of her body, she tried to continue to tell him about her troubles. But the longer the massage lasted, the less they mattered. When he began massaging her thighs she became unbelievably aware of her labia and the way he massaged her clit when he kneaded her thighs.

Moving up her inner thighs, she nearly jumped when his finger brushed her clitoris. His touch was light and he moved in circular motions, his other hand massaging her lips. Her back arched as he applied more pressure. She bit her bottom lip, edging toward an intense orgasm. A moan slipped between her lips, her hands clutching at the sheets. When she came, her entire body tensed as if she had lost control and her chest heaved with each breathe.

She is very glad to have tried out a hot erotic massage. When her girlfriends talk about it next time, she has the experience to relate to it.

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