There’s nothing that puts a woman more in the mood for seduction than an erotic massage. When she has had her happy ending, she will have a sense of well-being and pleasure which will set the tone for the entire weekend to follow. Add to that, the sensual sway of her hips as she struts her stuff in those high heels, and she will have every eye in the room on her.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be the weekend. It could just be two or three days set aside to seduce a man that she has an eye on. Perhaps, it’s the start to a week away on a cruise with her special partner. It may even be in preparation for a wild weekend with those who are yet unknown. It doesn’t matter. The methodology is pretty much the same for most women of substance.

First a Spa Treatment

Every woman will tell you that there’s little that beats the relaxation of four or five hours at a beauty spa. Jacuzzi, facials, leg waxing, a bikini wax, finger nails and toe nails, hair moisturizing – all are taken care of. There are many amazing spa packages in Cape Town and they are often on specials, so with enough time to prepare, the lady can pick and choose what is most likely to turn her into a five star seductress.

As the purpose of the seduction is to come from the place of a sensual princess, the mood must start from the moment she steps out from her home. Right from the start, she needs to be wearing those flashy stilettoes, a dress that reveals all her curves, and a perfume that calls to all who pass by. For any plan to be successful, it needs to have a good bit of preparation. Seduction is no different.

Once the lady has had her spa treatment, she is then ready to return home and to have her own erotic massage in the privacy of her own home. If she prefers not to use her own home, then the masseur can arrange for a suitable hotel. It’s important that the room in the hotel is luxurious enough to echo the pleasure of the lady’s orgasm.

first massage spa treatment

Preparation for the Erotic Massage at Home with the Best Masseur

There are a few things to be done before the masseur arrives. Firstly, a room with a single or double bed needs to be prepared. Clean sheets, massage oils, and soft lights need to lend the room ambience. A chair might have a lacy, see through dressing gown with a pair of high heel slippers. There might even be the suggestion of night of passion with matching lingerie. Atmosphere is vital.

Next, the bathroom needs to be prepared with either fragrant bath salts (the very latest thing these days), bath oils, or bubble bath. The bathroom should be as close as possible to the room where the erotic massage is taking place so that the man with the hands can easily move to and fro in case he needs to wash his hands or attend to some other preparation.

The idea is that once the happy ending has been reached, and the lady has been sated and satisfied, she can slip into a hot bath and wallow in further sensual feelings. It’s all about mood and touch.

What the Masseur Will Do?

The masseur may be either clothed or naked, as the woman wishes. Some, in order to ensure that there is an atmosphere of sensuality and sexuality right from the start, prefer a naked man. Whichever option she chooses, the lady does not need to take off everything immediately. As she becomes more comfortable (and heated), she can remove all her clothing. Or she can ask that naked masseur to remove her bra and g-string.

Erogenous zones are stimulated in addition to relaxing the musculature of the body. The goal is to not only to relax and remove the tensions (and muscle knots) of the week, but to stimulate and prepare the sensual and sexual side of the lady’s nature.

While appointments start at thirty minutes, the ultimate experience stretches well into two hours, and if a weekend of seduction is being considered, then it is best to go for the full package.
Every muscle is cleared of stress, knots and tensions, while the skin is caressed, stroked, and manipulated to bring out intense pleasure. Full body orgasm is the assured result. Women who have had this experience rave about it, and the more they enter into the spirit of sexuality with the necessary accoutrements, the more incredible the deep joy. There is both a physical and mental component to this intense joy.

When the Masseur Arrives

It’s best for the lady to escort the masseur to the room where the erotic massage will take place. It is not important to offer the masseur anything to drink. In fact, it would probably prove a distraction.

Once the masseur has had time to put down his oils and towels, the lady should strip as much as she would like, then indicate to the gentleman that she is ready to receive his ministrations. Again, if she does not feel like removing her panty on her own, she can ask the man for his assistance.

The masseur will start on the back of the lady and then slowly move towards her sexy parts. His single goal is to drive the lady wild with sexual passion. He will work this way for the length of time that the she has initially purchased.

Should the lady require extra stimulation, she will be able to view the outstanding physique of her masseur in the nude. She may ask to look and touch if she feels the need. After all, the goal is sexual excitement and full satisfaction.

Of course, it goes without saying that the masseur should have been thoroughly vetted. Ask him how to do this.

After the Sensual Massage

There is nothing quite like sexual satisfaction, but in this case, there’s still a lot of pleasure ahead. The next step, after a short nap, is to fill the bathtub with scented water to one’s taste and to soak for as long as the lady desires.

When she is ready, she should dry herself with a big fluffy towel and then dress in her most sensual outfit. Make no mistake, stilettoes drive all men wild. They also add length to the leg, plus they enable the lady to walk in a very suggestive way. Together with the eroticism of the prior hours, there is no way that the lady will not draw the eye of every man in the room.

So whether the lady has been preparing for a weekend away on a cruise ship, or the hunt for a hunk, or whether she has her eye on particular male, one thing is for sure, her presence will emit both sexuality and sexuality without saying anything. It will be in her eyes and in her body as she moves.

The price of a sensual massage is well worth the results. In a world where competition from other women is overwhelming, the savvy lady needs every edge she can get.