This Hot Erotic Story involves Two Females and One Male.

Back in the day when Ian was working in a beauty salon that offered no sexual services.

Encounter with Anne

On a Sunday afternoon Ian had a walk in client by the name of Anne. Ian was surprised when Anne stretched out on the massage table in just her underwear. Anne had blonde hair that covered her ears and the nape of her neck. Anne’s skin was hairless and without and defects, when Ian began the massage he felt the smooth texture of Anne’s skin. Ian had massaged plenty of females since working at the beauty salon but he couldn’t recall anyone with skin as smooth as Anne’s. There were only a few women who came close. Ian began the massage at Anne’s neck and shoulders and worked his way down her smooth long back.

Anne had turned her head to one side resting on his hands folded on the massage table. Ian moved down to the end of the table and began to massage Anne’s smooth calves and soft toned feet. Ian massaged Anne’s smooth calves up to the back of her knees and then her shiny smooth thighs just below her buttocks. Anne also noticed that the outline of Ian’s cock in his shorts. She thought to herself it was very impressive.

Anne then spoke, “Let me take these off so that you don’t get any oil on them.” Anne then pulled off her underwear and tossed them on the floor. Ian saw Anne’s vagina as the underwear came off but Anne turned quickly back to her stomach. “Do you want a towel over you?” Ian asked attempting to be professional. “No, I’m okay, thanks!” Anne replied in a soft voice. Ian then stared at the shapely ass before him and he was surprised that it looked so smooth and so good. Anne’s ass was ivory white and in stark contrast to her tan body. The tan lines served to further emphasize the shapely curvy bubble butt. Ian massaged Anne’s smooth thighs again and then told her it was time to turn over. “Aren’t you going to massage my bottom? I love to have my bottom massaged too,” Anne asked in a sexy tone. “Sure I can do that if you like,” Ian replied.

Ian poured more oil on his hands as he moved them toward Anne’s alluring ass. Ian then began to rub Anne’s buttocks and the two globes felt marvelous in his hands. Ian’s cock was now throbbing and Anne began to rotate her ass under Ian’s strong hands. “Oh that feels wonderful. You have great hands and I love the way you massage my bottom,” Anne said in a very soft tone. “I think that we better do the front now,” Ian said sounding a bit nervous. “Oh would you do my shoulders again first,” Anne requested anxiously. Anne wanted to see how far she could go with Ian in the massage room. Ian moved to the head of the table and began to massage Anne’s shoulders again. As Ian’s hands massaged Anne’s shoulders, Anne let his hands drift to Ian’s shorts. Ian felt Anne’s hands fumbling with his shorts.

“Relax and let me enjoy your beautiful cock,” Anne said as she stroked the long thick penis. “We shouldn’t, not in here,” Ian said nervously. “Why don’t you lock the door,” Anne whispered. “It’s locked,” Ian stammered. “Well then let’s enjoy this,” Anne whispered again just before she lowered her mouth onto Ian’s cock. “Oh my word she is going to blow me right here,” Ian thought to himself. Ian knew that he shouldn’t let Anne suck his cock but it felt so good. Anne was an excellent cock sucker and Ian knew that he would come soon. Anne pulled Ian closer to the table and he began to fondle Anne’s wet and moist vagina. Ian then went on to play with her clitoris, he tapped it fast for over 15 seconds. Anne got an orgasm, she never thought that she would get an orgasm in a massage salon and that quickly. Ian was so turned on that he busted his nut quickly and flooded Anne’s mouth. Anne handled the discharge expertly and sucked every warm drop out of Ian’s long hard cock. Anne lowered Ian’s shorts and underwear down to his knees and pulled Ian closer. Anne held onto Ian’s buttocks as she continued to suck Ian’s cock.

Ian just nodded as he was again embarrassed about what happened. He pulled out of Anne and got towels for both of them. Ian escorted Anne back to the main desk and then he returned to the massage room to get it ready for another client. Anne paid the receptionist and then left the building. Ian cleaned up the massage room and put the come-stained towels and linens in the laundry. Ian had his mind kept going back to the scary thing that took place but also in his mind he actually enjoyed it. Ian wondered if he would ever see Anne again. In one way he hoped not but in another it was kind of a turn-on.

Ian massages Kirsty

When Ian went into the beauty salon on Friday he learned that he had a new client who had asked for him by name. He was not sure who referred her to him. He was told that the girl’s name was Kirsty and that the appointment was set for 12:00 AM. Ian first had a walk-in client at 10:30 AM for an hour massage. At 11:45 AM Kirsty arrived for her massage and Ian greeted her in the reception area. He led her back to the massage room and showed her where to put her clothes and then he left the room to give her some privacy. Kirsty was a good looking woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Kirsty had worn shorts and a tube top so Ian noticed that she had good shaped legs and a very cute ass. Kirsty was small breasted and she had a narrow waist.

When Ian returned to the massage room Kirsty was lying face down on the massage table with a towel covering her bottom. She was naked above and below the towel and Ian wondered if she was naked under it. Ian took some massage oil and began rubbing it into Kirsty’s shoulders and back. As Ian massaged the slender attractive blonde he felt that she resembled Anne. Ian worked magic with his hands as they moved all over Kirsty’s upper body and she became totally relaxed. Ian then moved his hands to her legs beginning with her soft feet and smooth calves. Kirsty was not surprised that Ian had bypassed her ass and focused on her legs but she knew that he would be surprised when he found her naked under the towel. Ian massaged Kirsty’s calves and then his hands moved higher to her smooth thighs. He took his time with her thighs massaging one at a time and at times he came dangerously close to her pubic area and buttocks but he never touched her vagina.

Kirsty wanted to grab his hand and thrust it into her vagina. The towel then slipped off of her bottom and she made no move to cover up. Ian’s first instinct was to retrieve the towel but when he saw Kirsty’s no reaction, he left it on the floor. Ian stared at her lying on her stomach with her cute round ass on display. He thought her ass resembled Anne’s ass in that position and once again he recalled slipping his cock into Anne’s mouth. Ian put an ample amount of oil on his hands and began to massage her buttocks. She relaxed as Ian finally massaged her ass. She was in a dreamy state when she felt Ian’s hand slid into the crack of her ass and a tingle ran through her body. Recognizing her pleasure, her body twitched not in alarm but in excitement.

Kirsty’s mind was racing and she was excited beyond her expectations. “Time to do the front now.” She allowed herself to be turned over and she closed her eyes as Ian’s hands rubbed oil all over the front of her body. He began with her shoulders and neck and then descended to her soft breasts. Kirsty’s nipples were hard as rocks when Ian massaged her tiny breasts and rolled the extended nubs in his fingers. Then his hands moved lower to Kirsty’s thighs skipping her hips and pubes. He massaged each leg separately lifting it to his shoulder and rubbing it all the way to her vagina. His hands would occasionally graze her soft asset and Kirsty would flinch in response. Once again she was in a state of desire and she felt the need to orgasm.

“Touch me!” Kirsty whispered in an obvious state of desire. “Do you need to come Kirsty?” Ian whispered to her. Kirsty just closed her eyes and nodded yes. Ian smiled and he was pleased how easy this had been the second time he was to do this in the beauty salon. He gently rubbed Kirsty’s pussy with the massage oil and sought out her erect clit. Ian pushed two fingers into her pussy, rubbed her clit with his thumb and located her G-spot with two fingers. Kirsty covered her mouth with her arm as an orgasm rocked her pretty body. She kept her eyes shut as her body jerked and spasmed on Ian’s fingers. Ian removed his fingers from Kirsty’s pussy and brought them to his nose. He was pleased with her aroma. Ian’s cock was throbbing in his shorts and he was anxious to come. Ian stroked her marvelous ass cheeks and told her how good she looks in this position.

Ian rolled her over so that she was face down on the table again and then he returned his attention to her ass. He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass. He lifted Kirsty up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the massage table. He removed his fingers from her juicy vagina, stripped of his clothes and climbed up on the table with Kirsty. Kirsty struggled with the size of Ian’s cock but now that his cock was in her there was no turning back. As Ian eased his cock into her the head cleared her and Kirsty uttered an audible gasp. The pain was sharp but brief as Ian’s thick cock worked its way deeper and deeper into her.

Ian was so hot that he shot his load immediately when his cock was fully embedded inside her. Ian stayed hard however as he always did. He knew that he could come two, three and even four times without removing his cock from a woman. Kirsty felt the warm come shoot into her and she loved it. She liked the soothing feel it gave her but she felt unbelievably full this time. “Oh Anne said you would be a great sport and she was right,” Kirsty cried out. “Anne told you. How do you know Anne?” Ian asked confused. “Anne is my lesbian partner. She told me all about you two and I couldn’t wait to try you myself,” Kirsty told Ian. Ian was flabbergasted. “Anne told you that about me? You two are together? This is too much!” Ian blurted out.

Ian was in a state of shock and he was about to be even more shocked by Kirsty’s invitation. “Anne and I would like you to come over for lunch tomorrow and then we can have some more fun,” Kirsty offered. Tomorrow was Saturday and the beauty salon was closed so Ian had the time off if he wanted to lunch with Anne and Kirsty. “Okay, I’ll be there. “ Ian answered.

Saturday with Anne and Kirsty

Ian made his way over to Anne’s and Kirsty’s home on Saturday and arrived about 12:30 AM. Kirsty had prepared lunch and the three of them dined on their small deck since it was a nice day. After lunch Anne got right to the point. “Ian, Kirsty and I would like you to share our bed with us today,” Anne bluntly offered. “I don’t know what to say,” Ian replied somewhat stunned even though he had expected that. “Say yes, I love to be with one woman and one man,” Kirsty coaxed Ian, “Ian just go with the flow and if you are uncomfortable with anything we’ll understand,” Kirsty added. “Let’s go to the bedroom then,” Anne directed. Ian followed Anne and Kirsty to their room when once inside Anne and Kirsty undressed and hung up their clothes. Ian stared at the two and he was still amazed how much they resembled one another. They both had slim curvy bodies that were virtually hairless and they both had smooth  skin. Kirsty had small tits and she was almost flat chested. They both had blonde pubic hair that looked more like peach fuzz.

“Ian, are you going to come to bed with your clothes on?” Anne mocked. At that moment Ian felt a little foolish standing there fully clothed. So he took his clothes off and folded them neatly in the nearby chair. Then it was Kirsty and Anne who stared at Ian and once again they admired his body and complimented him on his fitness. Then they approached Ian and they both ran their hands over his body. Ian was hard in an instant and then Kirsty cooed. “Oh Anne, look his lovely cock got hard already. It is beautiful,” Kirsty gasped as she took a hold of it. Kirsty told Ian to get in bed and lay on his back. Then she knelt between Ian’s legs and took his cock in her mouth. Kirsty sucked Ian’s cock and caressed his achy balls. Kirsty was a very accomplished cock sucker and she was able to take Ian deep in her mouth. Ian was convinced that she could feel his cock at the back of her throat. Kirsty seemed to have the ability to massage Ian’s cock head with her throat muscles and she soon had Ian racing towards getting wet. Kirsty was every bit as good a cocksucker as Anne.

Kirsty reached under Ian’s scrotum and lightly touched his perineum which sent Ian over the edge. Ian blasted loads of hot come in her mouth. Kirsty rapidly swallowed all of his hot come and continued to suck and milk his cock dry and drain Ian totally. Ian lay back on the bed as he recovered slowly from the fantastic blow job and watched Anne fuck Kirsty until Anne’s body stiffened and she announced that she was getting an orgasm. Kirsty leaned back against Anne as she came in her vagina which caused her small tits and hard nipples to stand out. She definitely had cute tits even though they were small. Her nipples stood out like little sausages they were so hard.

Ian was already starting to get hard again when Kirsty asked if Ian would like to have sex with her. Ian’s cock was now rock hard and he moved it toward her. Kirsty lifted her legs and presented her vagina to Ian and he pushed his cock against her labia allowing it to slide into her warm passage. Kirsty gasped as Ian’s cock nestled into her vaginal passage for the first time. Anne moved up to Kirsty’s head and stuck her nipple in her mouth. Ian begun to have sex with Kirsty slowly at first and then he picked up the pace. Kirsty used her vaginal muscles to tighten her vagina and she massaged Ian’s cock by clenching and unclenching them. Ian felt his second orgasm travel from his balls up through his dick as he shot wads of come deep into Kirsty’s pussy. Ian leaned over her body and grabbed her small firm tits and let the rock hard nipples slip between his fingers as Kirsty continued to use her vaginal muscles to milk Ian’s cock dry of every drop of come.

“Oh Anne, I’m going to come too,” Kirsty suddenly cried out. Anne pulled her nipple from her mouth and slid down Kirsty’s body to her vagina just as Ian’s softening cock slipped from Kirsty’s vagina with a loud pop. A trail of semen trickled out of her just before Anne got there to suck Ian’s seed out of Kirsty’s pussy. Anne covered her pussy with his mouth just in time to catch all her love juice. Kirsty’s body thrashed around as she had an orgasm and came in Kirsty’s mouth. Kirsty lifted her hips off the sofa as Anne sucked every drop of the combined juices from her vagina. Kirsty had been fantastic as Ian had just received a world class blow job and fucked her very hot vagina. The three of them remained silent and rested for several few minutes and then Kirsty said she wanted one vagina and one cock in her at the same time. Kirsty worked on Ian’s cock until it was erect again and then she mounted him lowering her vagina onto Ian’s shaft.

“Oh easy, go easy, let me get used to you. Remember how big you are. Not too deep at first, please,” Kirsty begged. Ian was experienced in sex but he didn’t want to hurt Kirsty so he slowly had sex with her with about half of his cock in her. Kirsty loosened up gradually and as she did more of Ian’s cock slipped into her bottom. Soon with patience and steady strokes Ian was fully inside her. Kirsty grunted as Ian picked up the pace and drove his cock home with each stroke. Ian looked at her beautiful soft vagina as he fucked her and he couldn’t believe that he was really fucking her in her own bed with her lesbian partner watching. Ian excitedly watched his cock slide in and out of Kirsty’s tight bung hole and he felt his ejaculation building in his balls.

Kirsty was in need of another orgasm and she reached between her legs to finger her own vagina. Anne rolled her over and told her to let her take care of that for her. Anne knelt between her legs and lowered her face to her vagina. Kirsty had a quick orgasm and humped her vagina up into her partners face. Kirsty coated Anne’s face with her vagina juice as she thrashed about on the bed. Ian was hard again so he moved up and slipped his cock into Anne’s and fucked her. Ian fucked Anne until he shot his load into her. “Good job Ian, we needed that,” Anne said.

“Bring that delicious cock over to me Ian,” Anne requested. “I’ve got nothing left Anne, you two have drained me of every drop,” Ian replied. “That’s okay I just want to nibble, you don’t have to come again,” Anne told Ian. Anne sucked on Ian’s cock and although Ian was at least semi-hard he knew that he wouldn’t come again for quite a while. Anne kept sucking Ian’s cock and Ian realized that Anne was every bit as good as her partner at sucking cock. Anne got Ian hard again and then asked Ian to fuck her again.

It was time to get some sleep so Kirsty and Anne invited Ian to stay with them that night. They all stayed naked in the bed and pulled the covers over their tired bodies. Ian had no trouble falling asleep with them. Sometime in the very early hours Ian was awakened by the bed moving. When his head cleared he realized that Anne and Kirsty were fucking each other. Somehow Anne had gotten in the middle and she had his back to Ian as he fucked Kirsty from behind. The three of them then fell back asleep and Ian dozed off wondering what else could possibly happen next.

Sunday Morning

Ian woke up the Sunday morning with his hard-on that he always seemed to get after a night of great sex. Ian looked over at Kirsty lying on her back with an angelic smile on her face. Anne was already out of bed and Ian assumed that Anne was in the bathroom. Ian eased his body over Kirsty and slipped his morning erection into her sweet vagina. Kirsty moaned softly and then she opened her eyes and smiled at Ian. Kirsty wrapped her arms and legs around Ian’s body and they began to fuck. Ian had done this many times with college girls and he knew that he could fuck Kirsty into submission without coming himself.

Kirsty didn’t expect the ride that she was in for that morning. Ian fucked her with long steady strokes keeping his cock in constant contact with her clitoris. Kirsty went wild as she repeatedly had an orgasm. Her orgasms seemed to be continuous and her body squirmed under Ian as one after the other rocked her petite body. Ian stopped fucking her when she collapsed on the bed. Her arms and legs left Ian’s torso and flopped alongside her body.

Anne had come out of the bathroom and she was standing in the bedroom watching as Ian having sex with Kirsty. Anne was playing with her vagina as she watched Ian and Kirsty. Ian moved off the bed and Anne dropped to her knees and sucked Ian’s cock clean of Kirsty’s vagina juice. Ian told Anne that he had to pee and that he would be back after he relieved himself. Ian went into the bathroom took his morning piss and then returned to the bedroom. When Ian returned to the bedroom, Anne was in bed on all fours. “Anne wants you to fuck her again,” Kirsty said sexily.

Ian climbed up on the bed and Kirsty took his cock in her hand and applied the lube to it. Kirsty had Ian hard in no time and then she guided Ian’s cock into Anne. Anne groaned aloud and announced that he could feel it. “Oh yes, I feel it, shoot it into me,” he called out and then, “Oh Kirsty I’m coming too.” Ian felt Anne body stiffen as Anne shot her way into Kirsty. Anne’s squeezed any remaining come from Ian’s shaft. Kirsty smiled at Ian and looked at his still hard cock. Then she got on all fours, tossed Ian the lube and patted her ass in an invitation for Ian to fuck it. Ian was ecstatic with desire as this couple had him really turned on.

Ian fucked Kirsty for a long time working up to his next ejaculation. Anne had recovered and he moved under Kirsty in a 69 position. Kirsty took Anne’s vagina in her mouth and he began to lick it. Anne also played with Ian’s balls as she licked Kirsty’s pussy. With Anne caressing Ian’s balls and tickling his perineum Ian’s ejaculation was accelerated. Ian held to Kirsty’s cute shaped ass and drilled her as his cock fired a barrage of come into her. Kirsty cried out that she was coming too as she lifted her mouth off Ian’s long hard erect cock. Her body shook with a violent orgasm dislodging her partner’s mouth from her vagina and Ian’s cock from her. Kirsty collapsed next to Anne and she was still quivering, shaking and gasping from the intensity of her orgasm. Ian watched as Anne came with a gushing orgasm. They were all done for the morning and Ian had to hustle to get ready for his meeting that afternoon.

Ian showered while Anne made coffee and got breakfast going. Ian had breakfast with Anne and Kirsty and then he left to attend his meeting. Ian thanked for a wonderful time on his way out. Anne said that they would be in touch. Later that evening in his room, Ian replayed the events of the week with Anne and Kirsty. Ian wondered if and when he might see them again and actually he hoped that he would.

This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual and erotic massage for lesbians or bisexual females.

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