Jessica always had dreams about something regarding foot fetish.

Jessica wiggled her toes, allowing the sand to bury them beneath their warmth. It is believed that there is no better pedicure than a sandy beach especially on one of the best beaches in the world. Laying back on her towel, the soft threads caressing her freshly tanned back, she ran her fingers through her dark, wavy hair.

The sun beat down on her stomach and exposed breasts, the warm rays melting into her skin. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the ocean – every bit of it. The salt, the sun, the hot dog trolley sitting just on the edge of the sand. This is just what the doctor ordered.

If only it didn’t have to end! Jessica was on vacation in Cape Town and had plans to enjoy every second of it. From the topless beach, she was currently enjoying to the erotic massage she had planned for later that week. She planned to explore every aspect of her newfound love for sexual adventure!

A shadow fell over her, slightly annoyed, she opened her eyes and squinted up at the stranger. A man, who looked rather timid, stood above her, fidgeting with his hands.

“Uh, ma’am,” he words tumbled out, tripping over one another. “You have lovely feet. Could I,” he trailed off, his eyes getting larger and sweat beads started to form above his upper lip. “Might I offer you a massage?”

Jessica smiled up at the man and wiggled her toes, drawing his attention down to her feet. “And why would I let a stranger touch my feet?” Her voice dripping like honey with the obvious intent to tease.

The strangers face dropped, his mouth turned down in defeat, “Sorry to have bothered you, miss.” He stammered as he turned to leave.

“Wait! You didn’t answer my question. You had the audacity to approach me, but can’t answer a simple question? And to think! I was actually entertaining the idea of letting you play with my ‘lovely feet.’ I do have a foot fetish” Her laughter filled the air with sexual tension.

Jessica allowed the stranger to play with her feet, while the massage was mediocre, it was exhilarating having someone she didn’t know massage them! Closing her eyes, she squirmed against the pleasure building between her legs as the stranger slipped his fingers between her toes.

A week later Jessica was lounging in a tub. It was only an hour before the massage therapist was expected. She sunk deeper into the bubbles, allowing the water to envelope her up to her shoulders, her silky brunette hair floating around her creamy face.

Reaching out of the tub she grabbed her waterproof vibrator and turned it on before slipping it under the water. The therapist had suggested that she clear her mind and relax before he arrived. Before her shower she had set up a pallet on the floor, candles were setting strategically around the room, and music was drifting into the bathroom.

Thinking about the stranger from the beach and how this therapist would provide a much better experience Jessica slipped the wand over her labia. Gentle and soft at first, but the more she got into it, the more pressure she applied. By the time she had reached full orgasm the bubbles had disappeared and the water had gone cold.

She let the water out and stood up to shower off. Making sure to clean every nook and cranny as the therapist had requested. She stepped out of the shower and dried off with a towel. As she was just finishing brushing her hair, a knock sounded at the door.

Jessica let the therapist, Ian, in and showed him where she had put all the implements he had suggested they use. He set his bag down and asked where he would be able to prepare himself for the massage. She pointed him in the direction of the bathroom.

While Ian was in the bathroom, undressing and preparing the massage oil, Jessica turned the lights off to allow the candles to work their magic and laid out on the pallet. Just as she was getting comfortable, Ian emerged from the restroom, a tray of oils in his hands.

He set the tray on the floor beside her and commented on how well she had prepared the area and how having the right environment is pertinent to experiencing the massage at its full potential. He also noted that she had her own tray, laid out with the implements she had shown him upon his arrival.

While he was talking, he had poured lavender scented olive oil into his hands and hand begun rubbing them together to warm up the oil.  Starting at her shoulders, Ian began to knead the muscles there, alternating between firm pressure and feather light strokes along the length of her spine.

As he massaged her shoulders he asked about the fantasy they had discussed prior to the meeting regarding foot fetish. Jessica had told him about the stranger at the beach and how she loved to have her feet played with. There was nothing else that could get her going like a professional foot massage.

While she talked about her experiences with having her feet touched, Ian reached down and touched her labia. They were engorged with desire and her wetness was already finding its way out from between her lips. He momentarily slipped a finger between her lips and then went back to focusing on her back.

For the first half of the massage Ian focused on helping Jessica relax and talked with her about her foot fetish. He sprinkled in playing with her shaved pussy and clit every now and again. He massaged her shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs. Then he helped her to roll over.

Laying on her back, Jessica kept her hands by her side and closed her eyes. Ian began by gently stroking between her breasts with a feather duster on the tray she had set aside for him. She sighed as he worked his way down the front of her body, his hands like magic.

Kneading her breasts, softly sweeping his palms and various dusters, feathers, and silk scarves against her belly, and kissing and licking her hips.  Fully relaxed from having her back side massaged, Jessica relished in the relaxed horniness that Ian was creating in her. Anxiously waiting for her foot fetish to begin.

He worked, slowly, down the length of the front of her body. Licking her hip bones, kissing her nipples, and applying pressure to her pubic mound with his hands.

Once he got to his ankles he applied more oil to his hands, working the oil into her arches and between her toes. He gently pulled on each one of her toes, causing her to sigh as every single one popped and felt perfectly stretched.

While he was doing this the ache between her legs deepened, her pussy grew more wet. He reached up with one hand and with his thumb slowly drew circles around her clit. She was moaning with ecstasy; her back was arched when he slipped one finger inside of her.

Ian slipped his other pointer finger between each toe, further stretching them. Taking the heel of his hand he pushed it into her arches. With the finger, deep inside of her he was pushing on and caressing her g-spot.

Jessica wasn’t sure how much more she could take. With Ian’s intense, professional focus on her vagina and feet she was ready to cum right there. It wasn’t until Ian took the feet onto his member, and started quickly applying more pressure to her g-spot that she couldn’t control it any longer. This is a perfect foot fetish she thought to herself.

Her entire body tensed up, her pussy clenching around his fingers, her toes curling. Ian continued massaging with her g-spot and toes as part of her foot fetish fantasy. Her orgasm lasted for longer than it ever had with previous partners, more intense than she had every experienced before.

This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual or nude erotic massage.


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