The way how circulatory system in the body works is that there are two parts. The cardiovascular and lymphatic system. The two systems work side by side to remove toxic substances. Massage helps with the flow of blood and lymph vessels. The massage therapist strokes upward toward the lymph nodes located in the region. Using a male to female sensual massage has some tremendous benefits, I won’t highlight it in this post but you can read more about it over here, Why Male Massage Therapists provide a different Experience to massage?

Male to Female Sensual Massage

Sensual or erotic massage is not only used sexually and sex does not have to happen after the session. The main purpose of massage is that it is for you to relax.  The main purpose of male to female sensual massage is for you to experience a higher level of sexual pleasure with your partner. When intimacy is created, it is about feeling each other on a deeper level. This massage is used to truly improve the sexual performance. Sensual massage does not only include the physical, emotional and relaxation aspects that traditional or conventional massage consists of, the main focus of sensual massage is on the erogenous zones. Sensual massage does not have to lead sexual intercourse, although sometimes it does depending on the problems and needs of the client. The main objective of sensual massage is that it increases the arousal between the two or three people involved. I use it to specialize in foreplay for women who want to get rid of increased tension to anxiety and to achieve powerful orgasms. Most men do not have the skills for this because most of them want to the skip the journey and go straight to the destination. This is one of the reasons why women fake orgasms.

Female orgasm

The best person to provide a female orgasm to a woman would be male counterpart with years of experience and on different women. This is where male to female sensual massage comes into play. There is not a single person in this world that can say that they truly understand the female orgasm. There are so many studies out there which has their own theory on how female orgasms occur. One important factor we do know is that a female orgasm relaxes a woman and gets the feeling of being in a different inter dimensional universe. There are a few ways on how to achieve a female orgasm. Some we know and some we are not aware of. Women are taking their orgasms very seriously these days because they are aware of the benefits. But if your choice consisted of having multiple orgasms. You need to have strong pubococcygeal (PC) muscle which operates like any other muscle in the body. The more it is used the stronger it gets. I would like women to experience multiple orgasms anywhere and at any time.

male to female sensual massage

A review from a client

I was lying down, relaxed and perfectly happy. After this, I realized that getting a professional sensual massage, followed by a relaxing orgasm is a really great experience that all women should experience. I mean, it’s all the benefits of a traditional massage with more focus on the erogenous zones. It’s a pity that the erotic massage is not more mainstream because this service is valuable and puts melted chocolate on top of a fantastic sensual massage. There is nothing else like it. I feel glad to have tried out male to female sensual massage.

Here is a link from a couple who went for a massage in Budapest. My girlfriend and I got side by side Erotic massages in Budapest

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