In a previous post, I mentioned that orgasms and relaxation were once used to treat “hysteria.” I also mentioned that sensual, nude full body massage in Cape Town is a great, erotic way to relax. But just how do orgasms aide in relaxation? What about orgasms helps one to relax?

Orgasms and Relaxation Cape Town

May West, an actress and sex symbol in the 1980’s, once said: “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!”

Let’s start with a little science behind the orgasm. Sexual response is broken down into four stages: excitement, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Once aroused the body increases blood flow to your genitalia, your heart rate, and breathing increase, and your nerves are sending nonstop pleasure signals to your brain. A female orgasm lasts 20 seconds or more on average, and do not suffer from a refectory period, meaning, unlike men, women can experience multiple orgasms in a short time.

science behind orgasm

When someone orgasms there is brain activity in 30 distinct regions, these areas are flooded with dopamine and oxytocin. Both feel good hormones. Furthermore, when someone orgasms the frontal lobe is turned off. This means that you cannot experience self-evaluation, reason, control, fear, or anxiety while having an orgasm! Which makes sense, because your brain is being flooded with feel-good hormones.

Following a climax and muscle contractions, the body naturally relaxes, and the heart rate slows to a resting pace. Despite the science behind how an orgasm helps one to relax both emotionally and physically, 33-50% of women are unsatisfied with how often and the method of which they reach orgasm. Even more, 10-15% of women have never experienced an orgasm at all. While 67% of women admit to faking orgasms! It sounds like these women need a professional!!

10 Facts about Orgasms

It’s not all partnered sex that is causing women to miss out on orgasms and relaxation, that one of a kind pamper that follows climax, either. Studies report that only 70% of women know where their clit is and a staggering 33% of women know can’t even find their g-spot! This means that on average 31.5% women don’t even know how to masturbate correctly!

When one sees a professional, erotic massage therapist, they are seeing someone who knows every erogenous zone and exactly how to touch a person to make them react. A professional therapist, like Ian Marshall in Cape Town, can find a woman’s g-spot instantly because it is his job!

If you fall into one of the categories mentioned above, it may be time for you to seek professional help! Whether you can’t find your g-spot, fake orgasms, or are just unsatisfied with the way you reach orgasm, a professional, erotic male massage therapist can help.

There is no better way to let go of the ‘little things’.  Orgasms and relaxation is science!

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