Sasha set the book down and pulled the bullet vibe away from her still clenching pussy. Her chest heaved with each ragged breath. The trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey, was much more exhilarating than she had anticipated. Having just finished the final book in the series, she was ready for more – maybe to experience her own adventure. Maybe to get a version of her very own Christian Grey.

After a quick google search and a phone call, Sasha had set up an appointment with an erotic male massage therapist in Cape Town South Africa. He had said he could provide her with a sensual massage that had a 50 Shades of Grey theme. Excited, she paced around the bedroom of her apartment until the appointment.

Lying face down on her bed, completely nude, the massage therapist straddled her and began working his hands into her shoulders. They had agreed beforehand that there would be a little role playing to help set the mood. She would call him Christian but he would call her by her name.

He leaned close to her ear, his lips gently brushing against her “Sasha, I want you to enjoy yourself in a way you never have before.” Shivers shot down her spine, her pussy already dripping with eagerness. Suddenly, his weight shifted. He was no longer straddling her back, but rather leaning over her legs.

When he readjusted himself and was once again in his natural position, Sasha felt a wheel of spikes traveling down her back. This must be the Wartenberg wheel! The sensation raised goose bumps and she had to suppress the urge to wiggle away from the strange sensation. He applied more pressure and she nearly yelped in surprise.

With the wheel removed, he ran his hands over the now somewhat tender skin. He poured sensual oil onto her back and worked his way down to her ass. Pushing her cheeks upward and exposing her pussy, he brought out a body wand. On the lowest vibration setting, he gently rubbed the wand on her quivering labia.

This caused her to squirm. He stopped, grabbed some rope, and secured her spread eagle on her belly to the bed. Then back to the wand. He applied a little more pressure than before, but not yet exploring her folds with the toy. Sasha had to bite the bed to keep from moaning too loudly. “You are indeed my very own Christian Grey”.

The male massage therapist, Ian, removed the wand and continued groping and massaging her ass as if nothing had happened. Without warning, one of his hands flew through the air and landed firmly on her left ass cheek. She cried with surprise, but a fresh wetness filled the space between her legs.

Who knew that being spanked and teased could be such an arousing experience?! Once again the wand was between her legs, but Christian had spread her lips apart before taking the toy to her this time, and she could feel the toy rocking every nerve in her clit.

“Christian! Oh! My! God!” She screamed over and over as she neared an orgasm. She had never come from such a powerful toy before! Just as her pussy started the clench around the head of the wand and her body tensed, Christian slapped her ass again. The mix of pain and pleasure was too much and completely drove her over the edge. Into the most intense orgasm, she had ever experienced. She could not stop, think about that intense orgasm she had with her very own Christian Grey.


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