Leigh and Michelle had just arrived at the airport in Cape Town approximately 9:30 AM. They had come to South Africa for a fashion show they were involved with that took place in Durban. Many people advised them that if they had not been to Cape Town then they have not been to South Africa. They came with their boyfriends. They all work in the styling industry. As they arrived at Cape Town International Airport Leigh informed the rest of the group that Cape Town is a beautiful place to be.

While waiting for their luggage Leigh had been researching on Google about ‘erotic massage Cape Town’ and ‘sensual massage Cape Town’ and nothing good was coming up except Ian Marshall’s website. It clearly states on the website that everything is discreet and that nothing will be public. “Beautifully designed, elegant and user friendly.” She thought to herself, then phoned Ian immediately. “Hi, this is Ian speaking. How can I assist you?” Ian answers. “Hi Ian, my name is Leigh and I am interesting in getting an erotic massage from you?” Leigh replies. “Okay, thank you for the phone call. Have you been for an erotic massage before?” Ian asks with that chocolate oreo cheesecake flavor accent. “Yes, I have in Budapest” Leigh responds. “Okay, great. This means you know rules and will be more comfortable in this kind of situation. When would you like to have the appointment?” Ian asks in a gentle manner. “We will be touring the city center today and will be going to the wine farms tomorrow. Is it possible for me to have the massage therapy session at 8 AM tomorrow for 2 hours?” Leigh asks with her lower back of her voice. “Cape Town is an amazing place. I am free at 8 AM. The mornings are always the best time to have massages. Which hotel are you at?” Ian asks. “A hotel in the Waterfront. My boyfriend is fine with having you massage me, so he will be somewhere else and will not be present. He says I should relax and enjoy myself. I will confirm with you later this evening on Whatsapp.” Leigh replies with excitement. Both put down the phone.

At 10:15 PM the evening Leigh sends Ian a Whatsapp message. “I told my friend that I will be doing this massage, she said she is interested in joining. Is that fine with you?” Leigh Asks. “Would you like to have the massage together or separately?” Ian responds with a reply. “Together. We want to try out this erotic massage at the same time as we have never done this before. See you at 8 AM tomorrow” Leigh replies with this message. Ian replies with a thumbs up and smiley face.

The appointment was set, the plans were made, and Michelle and Leigh could not wait for their appointment. They couldn’t wait to be entertained with their deepest sexual fantasies. Michelle had always been enthralled with the idea of playing with a naughty stranger. They were both wearing white bath robes that the hotel provided with nothing underneath. Their boyfriends went for a walk to the beach. The hotel room was great with spectacular views and sounds of the ocean. The smell of fresh air and sea water was good enough to get the mood going for both of them. The massage therapist arrived and knocked on the door.

Introductions were made and they were instructed to strip and lay face down on the king size bed. While they were getting comfortable and whispering lightly to each other the massage therapist was busy getting the massage oils ready as well as stripping naked. “Mmm. Strawberry flavor massage oil. I love it?” Michelle said with excitement.

The massage has just begun and Ian had started on the back and buttocks of both these beautiful women. He used one hand on Leigh and the other hand on Michelle. He was going slowly and rhythmically, just enough to get them both turned on. By the time Ian’s hand had gotten into Michelle she was already wet inside her cunt. She grinned at the way Ian pressed against her. The curve of that body and the soft juicy vagina. The amount of juice coming out of that vagina was extraordinary. He put his arm around her shoulder, resisting the urge to slide his fingers through the curls that have gathered there. She’s sweating. Just a little. He put his other hand into the one that’s dangling by her side. It felt as tempting as chocolate shavings and like wet silk between his fingers. However Leigh needed a bit of extra work.

Ian moved inside Leigh slowly as she wriggled all over the king size bed, and all of a sudden, he needed to taste her. He threw his head down between her moving legs, traded his finger for his tongue. She is sweet there too, sweet and fresh and slippery wet as cream. He sucks her sweetness into his mouth, his tongue fluttering hard and fast, then soft and slow inside her lips. He grasps her thighs on either side so he can hang on, stay with her, buckle in as if she’s in a wild ride at a theme park and she cries out loud, almost a scream, and comes shaking and gushing wetness into his mouth, the insides of her thighs stretching, ass grinding and bucking under his tongue. Michelle was extremely turned on by witnessing this in action for the first time.

Ian’s fingers found her breasts, it is tiny and not difficult to cup within his hand and her nipple is firm as the dried currants he ate 2 hours ago with the same darkish brown colour. Gently, Ian gathered her breasts under his hand. She likes a little more pressure than Ian had initially expected. Ian had bent his face to her chest, sucking each hard curranty nipple. One then the other, until her hips start to rise off the bed. The sounds of her are coming out and she is getting as loud the music that plays in Ian’s car when he is in a good mood. With his mouth still on her, licking a trail over her breast, he retraces his path down her belly, further, further still, slipping his fingers and moving slowly over a mound of damp curling hair, slowly, so slowly…. She widens her legs to greet him and she is wet and slippery and smooth as pearls underwater, she is open and gasping.

In that moment, Ian felt Leigh’s hand graze his leg. Ian was meant to react in a certain way but did not. She began slowly stroking his leg. She moved slowly inwards until she was rubbing his inner thigh. She then started stroking his balls very gently. He slightly rolled forwards then backwards while enjoying the moment.  She placed her hand on his dick. She started off very slowly. Ian had now let his hands rest on his side as she leaned over and began working with both her hands. He knew he felt something deliciously warm and wet on his balls. Ian looked down and saw Michelle gently sucking on them while still pumping his dick. She then rang her tongue up his shaft.

“Shit that feels amazing!” Ian gasped. She circled the head with her tongue and gave his shaft another long lick. She then opened her mouth and began sliding down his hard dick. She got half way before stopping and going back up to the top. She did it again and again. Each time going deeper and much faster. Not long after, Ian could feel her reach the bottom. Ian’s legs tensed up. Ian came, shooting his hot come deep into her.

“I would do anything for you anything” Michelle said boastfully, caught up in the throes of lust as she looked at Leigh, all luscious curves that extended from her beautiful breasts down over her flat stomach to her killer ass and along her thighs. Every part of her made Michelle want to worship her with her tongue. She wanted to make love and to push her fingers deep inside her until they unlocked her coils and made her hiss and moan, wanted to dig her palms into her shoulders and caress her into oblivion. They were friends, and hung out almost every day. Leigh maintained that she was straight, but that didn’t stop her incessant flirting. Michelle knew Leigh hopelessly besotted, and she teased her, stringing her along, but Michelle was so turned on she couldn’t help it. Michelle says she would really do anything and everything for Leigh.

This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual and erotic massage.

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