The light turned red at the last second, causing a sexy hot wife named Julia to slam on the breaks. She was already late for work and every red light in town seemed to be out to get her. As she slammed on her breaks and her coffee sloshed over the side, her bag flew off the middle console and into the back seat. Letting out a stressed sigh, she dug her purse out of the back floor board.

When she finally arrived at work she gathered her things and opened the back door to ensure that nothing had fell out of her bag. Something glittered, deep under the seat, and she reached to grab it. Her fingers closed around a rough, cold string of diamonds. She pulled her hand out, to see that she had found a diamond bracelet.

It wasn’t hers.

The previous Friday her husband had borrowed her car for an out of town business trip. She had suspected he was having an affair, but never expected to find proof. He keeps complimenting her on how she is a sexy hot wife. She had almost convinced herself that she was just being paranoid. This was it, this was the final straw. She would have to confront him. This would not end well.

Five months later Julia had finally found peace. She was exploring her new found wild, freedom. She was sitting at a small, hole in the wall restaurant. An old Danielle Steel novel in one hand and twirling a purple lollipop around in her mouth.

Her salad arrived and she set her book aside, the lollipop on the edge of her plate. While eating, she glanced around the small town. She had come a long way since confronting and leaving Devin. She had travelled the world, had various lovers, explored the Amazon, and so much more. She hadn’t realized just how much he had held her back by actually being a sexy hot wife!

A brochure on a nearby table caught her eye. The table was unoccupied, but hadn’t been cleaned off yet. She retrieved the brochure and settled back in front of her salad. The brochure read: Ian Marshall Erotic Massage. Give yourself a moment of satisfaction.

Julia called the number on the brochure and was surprised when he asked “Are there any fantasies you would like to fulfill on this visit?” After a moment of thought, she told them about her fantasy about being bound, teased and being called a sexy hot wife. She then finalized the appointment.

The room was set, soft music playing in the background. And Julia had enjoyed a hot, relaxing shower. Everything was ready when Ian Marshall arrived. They greeted one another and she laid on the bed.

Ian used the under the bed restraint that Julia had set up before his arrival to secure her to the bed. Once the cuffs were snug around her wrists and ankles, Ian pulled a blind fold around her eyes and pushed ear phones into her ears.

She had always wanted to try bondage and sensory deprivation, but Devin was never into it. If it wasn’t plain ole sex, he didn’t give it a second thought. Devin was only good at calling her a sexy hot wife. Not being able to hear his next move or see what implement he was holding, had Julia’s other sense heightened. Every inch of her skin tingled with anticipation and the smell of the candles was almost overwhelming.

Ian began by gently running his fingers down the length of her back, teasing every inch of her exposed and sensitive skin. Satisfied with the reaction he got from this, he started the massage. He firmly kneaded her shoulders and neck. Running his fingers through her hair and massaging her scalp as well.

When she was relaxed, and melting under his expected touches, Ian grabbed a piece of ice and ran it from the nape of her neck to the small of her back. Goosebumps rose over her flesh, starting in the middle of her back and spreading outward. He replaced the ice and continued with the massage.

When he got to her feet he picked up the feather duster that was laying on the tray beside the bed. He used it to tickle her feet and run between her toes. She squirmed and moaned when he did this.

He unbuckled her restraints and helped her to roll over, then strapped her back into the bondage kit. He adjusted her blindfold and earphones to make sure that she was unable to see or hear anything! When he was certain that she was completely deprived of these two senses, he slipped a hand between her legs and massaged her clit.

He traced circles around her clitoris with one finger while the others gently kneaded her labia. In no time, her back was arching and she was moaning rather loudly. This was Ian’s cue to grab the silicone ball gag from the tray. He fixed the ball gag in her mouth, careful not to push it in too far.

Her lips curled around the ball and her moans were stifled as he finished teasing her to orgasm. After her first orgasm, he focused on her breasts and belly, placing wet kisses here and there as he went.

When his hands were focused on her hips he sucked on, bit, and licked her nipples. Slight whimpers leaked from behind the gag and she tried to squirm away. He laughed at her resistance.

Working down from her hips to the front of her thighs, he followed with his mouth. Licking and nipping her breasts and belly. While he worked on her knees and calves he buried his face between her legs. Almost instantly her hips rose off the bed and her stifled moans grew louder.

He brought her to a second orgasm with his mouth. Licking, sucking, and twirling his tongue around her clit.

Once she had relaxed, Ian grabbed the ice once more and ran it along her inner thighs, up from her knees to just below her pussy. He followed the ice with his mouth, the mix of heat and ice was amazing and caused Julia to shiver.

Ian finished the massage, without any more teasing, allowing Julia to relax and enjoy herself. After he was done he untied her and helped her to sit up. He gently massaged her wrists and ankles where the cuffs had gotten a little too tight and removed the blindfold and earphones. She reminded him that while being called a sexy hot wife is good but getting a massage with a proper orgasm from a professional with years of experience is much better.

This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual and erotic massage.


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