Sensual Erotic Massage For Women


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Sensual Massage Erotica

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Sensual Massage Erotica

Kamasutra Graphical Handbook

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Yoni Coloring Book

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Yoni bookcover

The Practical Guide for Best Practice Sex - Coming Soon

The book is not complete yet due to time constraints. The book is for both males and females to get the most out of their sex life. Below are some of the chapters currently being worked on.

  • Chapter 1: Sex and the powerful vagina
  • Chapter 2: The A to Z for giving women the best pleasure
  • Chapter 3: The laziness of husbands
  • Chapter 4: The lack of skills needed for a woman
  • Chapter 5: How a man or woman can be better in bed for pleasing her
  • Chapter 6: Basic skills for men
  • Chapter 7: The different types of vaginas
  • Chapter 8: The different types of orgasms
  • Chapter 9: The struggles for achieving female orgasm
  • Chapter 10: Rules for getting women to squirt
  • Chapter 11: How creativity improves after orgasm in the vagina
  • Chapter 12: Case Studies on Sensual Erotic Massage


A list of courses on erotic massage, tantra massage, BDSM, female pleasure, threesome, erotic fantasies will be coming out soon. Stay tuned to this page. If there is any topic that you are interested in that is not listed, please make contact. The below courses will come out soon.

  • Erotic Massage for beginners
  • Tantra Massage for couples
  • Female Orgasm for singles and couples
  • Female Sexuality and Anatomy
  • Sexual Foreplay for Men
  • Bedroom Basics
  • Threesomes and group sex
  • BDSM Introduction
  • BDSM Tantra Massage