Closing out her email, Barbra sighed. Being a CEO at a large corporate company in Johannesburg was not all it was cracked up to be. The stress alone was enough to make her hate her job. Emails, meetings, appointments, it was so boring and she was carrying more tension in her body now than she ever had!

A reminder sounded on her phone, eliciting another sigh. Rolling her eyes, she unlocked the handset and opened the reminder. Oh! A massage. She had completely forgotten about setting up an appointment with Ian, her favorite erotic massage therapist in Cape Town. An hour or 2 with him always made her love life and her job again.

An hour later, she was naked and lying face down on the bed in the middle of her private room. Her ass was covered with a thin, silk scarf, and the aroma of lavender and citrus filled floated around the room. Her phone lay, turned off, across the room. A massage was just what she needed today!

Ian emerged from a smaller room, naked and rubbing oil between his hands. Barbra drunk in the sight of him, already aroused. Knowing that she would soon be under his fit body with his hands running along the length of hers was enough to have a delicious ache settle in her stomach.

Knowing that she doesn’t like much talk, Ian got to work immediately. He straddled her ass, his own lightly brushing against her through the silk, and pushed his strong hands into her tense shoulders. She dissolved under his touch.

Before moving from her back to her ass, he gently stroked her lips with two fingers and one flicking her clit. She smiled, already eager for more, but trusting Ian to give her what her body needed. When she was throbbing with desire, he began groping, massaging, and manipulating the muscles in her ass.

He moved to her thighs and slipped an oiled thumb into her pussy. He ran his digit around the inside of her, gently stretching her open. Just as quickly as his thumb was inside of her, he was back to massaging. He worked down her legs and when her body was completely relaxed, but before he moved to her feet, he plunged 2 fingers deep within her and finger banged her until she came around his fingers.

Knowing that it would take her a couple of minutes to come down from the orgasm, he massaged her feet. When she was relaxed again and no longer tense from cumming, he instructed her to turn over.

Massaging her breasts, he alternated between randomly groping and pinching her nipples. With each pinch, she’d moan and her back would slightly raise off of the bed. Moving to her stomach he reached down with one hand stroked her lips until he could feel the moisture from her pussy.

When she was soaked and everything but begging him for more, he moved to focus completely on her vagina. He massaged the lips until she was dripping, and then slipped two fingers just inside of her. Running the two fingers around her opening, stretching her again, before delving deeper into her.

With one hand he fondled her g-spot and with the other focused on her clit. When she was clenching around his fingers, begging for release, he gave in and let her have a full body orgasm. Her entire body tensed and released repeatedly as waves of ecstasy washed over her.


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