I have summed up all the tantra massages in South Africa, main cities to find tantra massage are in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

What is exactly is Tantra Massage?

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In summary, a great deal of misconception about tantra massages in South Africa exists, particularly in the western mind. People often associate it just as a type of erotic massage. In fact a tantric massage is beyond that, and is a means to emotional and physical well-being. Tender and pleasurable, it results in a positive outcome on hurts and anxieties related to the psycho-emotional-sexual arena. It helps release tension and stress, while charging up with vital energy.

Tantra is usually practiced differently everywhere as it is interpreted differently anywhere you go.

Cape Town Tantra Massage

Tantra Sacred Massage - Ma Anand Leandre

She is passionate about supporting men and women on their journey to a more conscious living and a deeper experience of intimacy. Tantra Sacred Massage is more than a massage – it is a teaching devoted to personal healing and growth. Massage sessions give you an impression of what Tantra is about and how embracing this path will transform your experience of living, loving and intimacy, taking the earnest student to a deeper sense of sensuality and a more heart-centered sexuality. She has been one of the active few since the beginning of tantra massages in South Africa.

Johannesburg Tantra Massage

Tantra Queen Layla

Tantra Queen Layla is an internationally acclaimed Tantric masseuse based in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. She has taught men, women and couples how to understand and appreciate the sacred art of Tantra. Through journeys together she has explored sensuality and connected on levels that transcend the physical destination. I am looking forward to our journey together.




queen tantra layla

Shakti Gardens Tantra

Please note that ShaktiGardens is not a typical day spa, they do have is a very private garden studio for their healing work, plus a larger function room for workshops and classes. They do not have the facilities to offer overnight accommodation. If they are seeking sexual services, or need an “escort”, then they cannot and will not fulfill these requests. What they do have are professionally trained therapists working from our premises. All healing treatments and massages are done on site, and we do not provide any form of travelling service. All healing offered is done with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Address: 17 Anreith St, Franklin Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg

For a Sensual Massage for Women, book a massage with Ian Marshall.

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