While we are just now starting to explore the female orgasm, they were used as a medical treatment for hysteria in the 1800’s. Female hysteria was treated by sensual massage (rubbing the woman’s genitals) until she reached orgasm. Nowadays we know that this isn’t quite right, but we also recognize that orgasms can help you relax, get small tasks off your mind, and find a place of peace. There are various types of female orgasms.

All of these orgasms can be obtained through a sensual, erotic, nude massage. Ian Marshall offers these types of massages in Cape Town and is very knowledgeable in how to provide luxury pleasure.

The clitoral orgasm is the most common orgasm and the easiest to achieve. It is obtained through direct stimulation of the clit or labia and areas surrounding the clit. The clit is like an iceberg, as in there is more than meets the eye.


The vaginal orgasm or the G-Spot orgasm is the second most common type, but harder to achieve. This orgasm is obtained by finding the soft spongy feeling section inside the front wall of the vaginal canal and stimulating it in a come-hither motion. There is a debate on whether the g-spot exists or not, but it was discovered by Dr. Gräfenberg, and there are various books on the topic if you’re interested in learning more about it!

The blended orgasm is a mix between the two orgasms mentioned above. It is gained by stimulating both the clit and g-spot at the same time; this is most commonly done with a rabbit vibrator. But it can also be done by a talented massage therapist, such as Ian Marshall.

Multiple orgasms can be obtained through any method mentioned above, but instead of stopping when you reach climax, you continue to stimulate the area and reach a second orgasm. These are mostly easily reached with quick and firm fingers or with a vibrator.

The Skin Orgasm is obtained especially through a erotic massage. This is done by massaging areas that aren’t erogenous but can produce an overwhelming sexual feeling, resulting in an orgasm.

And finally, the full body orgasm. When you are receiving a erotic massage, the end goal is to make you feel really good. Usually, this ends with a full body orgasm. While your massage therapist will be trained in how to help you obtain different types of female orgasms, you can do some things to encourage your body to accept the orgasm.

The 6 Types of Female Orgasms

Don’t just think about your vagina and what you’re feeling in your pelvic region. A full body orgasm isn’t like a clit, g-spot, or blended orgasm, this is an orgasm that affects your entire body, and you should focus on how good the massage makes your body feel. Make sure that you maintain a relaxed breathing pattern; it is normal to hold your breath when you reach the edge of an orgasm but focus on continuing to breathe and feel your entire body. Try to get the best of your sex life as you only live once, make sure you can achieve the different types of female orgasms.

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