Many individuals suffer from neck pain for one reason or other. Neck pain can be caused by hunching one’s shoulders when using a work surface or playing a keyboard. Poor posture, whiplash, arthritis, muscle strain, a pinched nerve, or degenerative illnesses can also cause neck. Whether your neck pain is chronic or not, a good neck massage can help relieve the pain effectively.

You can experience a massage in Cape Town affordable and performed by a qualified massage therapist who has experience and expertise in performing neck massages. Many beauty spas in Cape Town offer massages and they do help to relieve the pain.

How Massage Helps

When you get a full body massage in Cape Town, the goal will be to alleviate pain and tension in muscles in the entire body. A neck massage, however, focuses on the upper back and shoulders. A variety of Top Spas and Massage Centres in Cape Town have these sorts of massages on offer.

However, it’s important to note that massaging certain areas of the chest, arms, back, and legs can help in reducing the pain you could be experiencing in the neck. Experts in massage Cape Town also say that myofascial release that involves massaging of the jaw, neck, head, face and throat muscles promotes restoration and healing in the neck.

Benefits of Neck Massage

Neck massage benefits include muscle release in the shoulders and neck. It helps in alleviating tension headaches, migraines, eye strain, chronic neck pain, and sinusitis. Techniques employed to provide this kind of relieve include massaging upper arms, shoulder, facial muscles, scalp and neck muscles. This kind of massage can also be used in the treatment of conditions such as TMJ and injured or pulled muscles.

Treatment is usually given following a series of elicit point relief movements using palms, hands, fingertips, and thumbs. Sometimes a massage Cape Town therapist may choose to use warm stones to help in releasing muscles or use cold stones if there is any inflammation in the neck muscles. This treatment is great for neck pain that could have resulted from whiplash, inflammation, sudden movement or sleeping in the wrong position. If you experience a dull ache that is nagging in the neck area, then you’ll need to find a good massage Cape Town therapist for a neck massage.

When cold stones are used in combination with hot stones during a neck massage, they help in providing quick tension relief in the neck area.

Ideally, the therapy should start with massaging of the upper chest, shoulders and the back of your head. Deep pressure should be applied eventually in the course of the massage, especially at the skull’s base. A neck massage also stimulated blood flow in the muscles and helps to relax them and this is achieved through kneading techniques. Your masseuse may also gently grasp or hold the muscles for a few seconds at a time to further stimulate blood flow.

A seated massage chair is great for regular neck massages so if your Cape Town massage therapist has one, take full advantage of it. You could also purchase the chair for your home, office or salon. It costs less to pay for 15-minute sessions twice a week as opposed to paying for a one-hour session every week. Because poor posture is another contributor to neck pain. Your massage therapist can help in improving your posture through massage therapy that facilitates blood flow and releases tension thus helping you assume a good posture without experiencing pain or discomfort. There are stretching exercises that can also be incorporated in the course of the day to help with posture. Heat can be used to help in relaxing muscles that are tense. However, if you have any inflammation, the heat is likely to cause irritation, swelling, and pain in your muscles therefore in such a case an ice pack should be used. When there is no inflammation, heat massage therapy is ideal for releasing tension in your muscles.

A neck massage does not require a lot of equipment or preparation. It can be done anywhere at any time by a massage Cape Town therapist. If you need a quick session in your office, at home or salon, you can easily get the service. The other benefit of a neck massage is you can have a therapist do it for you or, you can do it yourself by studying a few simple techniques. Alternatively, you can invest in a massage chair.

Other than relieving pain and tension in your neck area, a neck massage also provides relief to your back, head, and shoulders. Neck massages are great for energizing your entire body. Once you go through a neck massage, your muscles expand providing more energy. Feeling energized will help make you more productive in the course of the day. For those that are in high-stress jobs or engaged in high-stress activities, a neck massage is instrumental for giving you the relief you need after a long day of work. A neck massage in Cape Town from an experienced massage therapist can be one of the most rewarding experience. There are many spas, massage centers and salons that offer neck massages at very affordable costs.

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident in Cape Town, you can find many resources online that will guide you towards the right masseuse who has experience in neck massages. For best results, it is highly advised that you have a neck massage two to three times a week when treatment first begins. For those who spend a lot of time seated having regular neck massages can greatly contribute to your overall health.

If you are interested in learning how to administer neck massages, there are many resources and videos online, and in DVD format that can be provided detailed instructional guides on how this can be achieved. They will teach you on how to conduct massages on the shoulders and neck to treat headaches. You can also learn how to get rid of neck pain by applying pressure to the neck muscles, face, and jaw. The instructional videos will also equip you with skills on therapeutic massage processes. Massage in Cape Town is one of the great ways to experience a good time in the city.

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