A vagina massage is also referred to as a Yoni massage. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina and it means sacred space or sacred temple. A yoni massage or vagina massage was originally intended for women who have experienced sexual abuse or it can also be administered purely for orgasms and pleasure. This article is intended to highlight the benefits of vagina massage.

The whole approach of a vagina massage is a spiritual exercise that gives women a chance to connect with their feminine core, goddess essence, and Shakti in its various expressions, and in the end, connect with god.

The practice and art of yoni massage is a component of sacred intimacy and sexual tantra.

It is an entire body experience that involves arousing, touching and massaging the entire body. The focus is usually put on the shoulders, neck, breasts, buttocks, hip-joint and lastly on the outside and inside of the vagina with occasional massages to the other parts of the body.

A vagina or yoni massage is intended to involve and work on all your chakras or energy centers, including elements such as water, air, and the energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Sensual, erotic or tantric massage is highly recommended for every woman because of the great benefits of vagina massage.

A vagina massage can be performed for itself and by itself, or as part of love making ritual either before, during or following a sexual act. It’s also possible to perform a vagina massage with same sex individual, a friend from the opposite sex, with a love or a trained therapist.

Aspects Of A Vagina Massage

As tempting as it may be for many people, a vagina massage is not purely for orgasms and pleasure. Most men, however, tend to focus on those two aspects and by pass other key elements. When a woman is aroused, they experience pleasure and sometimes, some emotional and physical pain might also arise. A man performing the yogi massage should support the woman and help increase the pleasure and help in the release of emotions and pain. Therapy includes facilitating pleasure which is used to dissolve pain. Pleasure is a form of therapy. When one is in a deep orgasmic state, they experience spiritual enlightenment and both the man and woman must learn how to let go of the physical body and pleasure so as to facilitate opening the woman into elevated realms of existence and consciousness.

Pleasure is the act of opening up one’s body to pleasure, sensation, and orgasm. Allowing yourself to experience the new and different kinds of orgasmic states and orgasms. Having the ability to recognize and deepen your orgasmic experiences as well as expand orgasms. Therapy, on the other hand, is getting to a place where you’re able to accept and release the trauma and pain you may have experienced in the past. Sexual, physical, emotional, energetic or mental pain. Every woman has some sort of battle within themselves and therapy helps with releasing this issues so that you can live a fuller, satisfying life. Spirituality in yoni massage is achieved through tantric love making. When you’re able to completely let go and open yourself to the stillness, oneness, and unity during the massage then you will realize spiritual awakening.

Benefits of Vagina Massage To The Recipient

  1. Your entire body becomes more pleasurable, sensitive, erogenous, and orgasmic. Your awareness and sensations are increased during a yoni massage.
  2. You get to experience different kinds of orgasmic states as well as new types of orgasms.
  3. You learn how to recognize, lengthen, deepen and expand your orgasms.
  4. You get to experience the auspicious female ejaculation.
  5. You get healing from releasing past trauma and pain.
  6. It helps with overcoming problems such as low libido, frigidity, painful menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual cycles, irritation and pain during sex.

benefits of vagina massage

  1. Enhances overall health of the vagina, breasts, entire body and mind.
  2. It helps in magnifying personal love and unconditional universal trust, femininity, surrender and love.
  3. Provides personal growth and empowerment
  4. When your mind is open and free during a yogi massage you are better able to connect with affirmations that are positive thus enhancing emotional and mental wellness.
  5. It helps you connect better with yourself, your partner, with other women and men as well.
  6. Your energy channels become activated leaving you with more positive energy and spiritual awakening.

Benefits of Vagina Massage To The Giver

If you are performing a vagina massage, you two stand to enjoy significant benefits of vagina massage.

  1. If you’re a man who suffers from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted infections, or a small penis, you can still get to pleasure a woman using your fingers and not have to worry about being self-conscious or embarrassed about your condition.
  2. During tantric love making, a man may feel the urge to stop so as to prevent them from ejaculating early. You can use the pausing session to perform a yoni massage on your partner before you go back to the sex.
  3. It is very inspiring, humbling and rewarding when one is given the opportunity to facilitate pleasure, elevate another’s state of awareness and provide therapy. It gives the person performing the yoni massage a sense of accomplishment.
  4. A better understanding of your lover’s sexual challenges, rhythms and preferences can help make your relationship stronger.
  5. A yoni massage gives you a better connection with your lover, spouse or girlfriend and not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.
  6. It exposes you to various techniques on how to pressure women sexually.

Benefits Of A Vagina Massage To The Couple

  1. As lovers your intimacy will be deepened and so will the love and connection you share.
  2. It widens your range of sexual activity sprucing up your sex life.
  3. It enhances better understanding in communication.

If you want to understand and master massage and particularly yoni massage therapy, there are many resources that can guide or even perform it for you in Cape Town as well explaining the benefits of vagina massage. A vagina massage from experienced massage therapists is definitely something you should consider trying out.

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