While most women do not experience orgasms, some do achieve strong female orgasms. Here are three ways to increase the chances of getting an orgasm as well making the female orgasm much more intense, powerful and enjoyable. First is Foreplay, second is Kegel Exercises and third is to Practice Solo.


You would not do anything without warming up. The same process applies to getting fully blown strong female orgasms. Set the mood right, the partner needs to be slow and patient. The more the female warms up the higher chances of reaching climax. The partner should touch you on every part of the body as much as possible and as slow as possible. This will include the neck, shoulders, earlobes, fingers, hands, feet, toes and slowly move to the soft thighs. Do not forget the dip between the neck and chest, this is highly erotic and erogenous. Kisses, hot breaths, to light touching, licking and stroking is very powerful in this instance.

When this is done correctly, she should be wet within a few minutes. I have done this plenty of times practicing as a erotic massage therapist and I always write from experience. Different women do take different lengths of time to get aroused. Sometimes it can be 20 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes and sometimes never. It depends on the difficulty and mind of the woman.

Now the male partner should shift the focus to the stimulation of the clitoris. This can be hand, finger or tongue. Again I mention, the more foreplay for the woman the more intense and strong the female orgasm will be. Check up with female partner every 10 or 15 minutes, “How does it feel to hold you like this?”, “Should I do this harder or softer?”. This is all done during a erotic massage session based in Cape Town by Ian Marshall.

Kegel Exercises

When women perform Kegel exercises, it improves the chances for orgasmic pleasure by toning the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle which operates like any other muscle in the body. The more it is used, the stronger it gets. Find the right muscles. Perfect your technique. Maintain your focus. Repeat three times a day. When Kegel exercises are done properly, the woman should be able to feel the difference in a matter of a few weeks.

Below are two videos that explain how to perform Kegel exercises.

Strong Female Orgasms - Practice Solo

Women need to know what she enjoys and how to pleasure herself attempting to reach a powerful strong orgasm. She can do this using her own fingers or vibrator to self stimulate the clitoris. Why do it alone when you can hire an erotic massage therapist from Cape Town. Other women around the world are hiring professionals to massage their vaginas, read here.

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