Victoria, a fashion blogger with a huge following on Social Media. Had been blogging for the last 10 years since the age of 19. Had just gotten her photo taken by the photographer. In the car, she uploaded the photo to Instagram. Not only did the photographer take photos of her, but he also recorded her walking from beach to the sand while her hands were covering her caramel nougat flavoured Lindt nipples when wearing only her underwear. The photographer advised her to walk exactly how Honey Rider walked from the ocean to the sand in the very first James Bond movie Dr No. This video upload went viral.

Mostly just sad women who want to forget for a little while that they are married to someone they can’t stand being touched by. Others that just want a little vacation from their lives, a little adventure, and when it starts to get over their heads or there’s a chance of getting caught, they run back to where they started. Before she was dating Sean, she slept with a few women. Nobody knew except herself, she never told her family nor her best friends about the bisexuality she has inside of her. Being a lesbian is fun but sometimes, the woman gets tired of that plastic dildo and actually wants real cock.

Her huge following and success on Social Media did not make her happy. She wanted something different in life, something that she has not achieved before. She had a few massage sessions with Ian, but this time around she wanted to experience something unique. She wanted a foursome with two girls and one guy. She wanted to go all out. She has never had a foursome before and this was always one of her many sexual fantasies that she wished to try.

Ian opened the door into the house where Victoria lived and was surprised not to see her right there in the kitchen or in the living room. He called out and received no answer. He stepped inside and saw the note waiting for him on the coffee table. “Join me in the shower” the note read.

He had received many notes like this before. Smirking, he looked to the right, a third of the way hard as he made his way to the stairs. He could hear the shower running now and walked a bit faster than usual. He was almost to the top of the stairs when he heard someone giggle. It was unlike Victoria’s laugh and he stopped for a little bit prior to taking the stairs one at a time.

When he reached the door, he sucked in breath to compose himself and then he opened the door without knocking. Behind the shower curtain he could see three curvy figures and he thought to himself who could this be.

Victoria pulled the shower drape back, smiling at him. She was remaining there exposed and sudsy, between two other ladies. The one behind Victoria had flaring red hair with a flawless, coordinating red bramble. Her chest was very enormous. She was groaning in a delicate sweet voice scouring her tremendous boobs against Victoria’s back. She was close to Victoria’s normal tallness, with sleek white skin and stout hips and thighs. She grinned at Ian as she contacted Victoria in a provocative way, her splendid green eyes shining. The lady in front was somewhat taller than Victoria; she had a rack similar to hers, with minor pink areolas. She too had silvery white skin and a mind blowing ass that Victoria couldn’t appear to keep her hands off of.

“Ian,” Victoria stated, indicating behind her the redhead. “This is Lara.” Lara waved with her fingers, gnawing her lip and Victoria put her hands on the raven haired young lady’s hips before punishing her round ass, “This is Jessica. Howdy,” Jessica murmured. She ran her hands along her body, licking her full lips. Shake hard, Ian started fixing his shirt as he viewed the three young ladies snickering and soaping each other up. “He is so attractive,” Lara murmured to Jessica.

“I trust he leaves that tie on,” Jessica murmured. She was unmistakably the sluttiest of the three young ladies in the shower. Victoria smiled at him. She swung to kiss Lara moderate and hard, slipping her tongue into the redhead’s mouth. Ian thought that it was difficult to tear his eyes from Jessica’s vagina, where her fingers were working angrily. He heard Victoria groan and he looked away from Jessica to look as Victoria and Lara’s tongues contacted, prodding one another. Their huge bosoms were squashed together. Ian could envision their hard areolas catching up on against each other.

Jessica got Victoria, grasping her jaw as they kissed. The young ladies vaginas scoured against one another, their groans resounding through the steam. Jessica kissed down along Victoria’s neck and bosoms, pulling her body close. “Doesn’t Lara look forlorn?” Victoria asked Ian sweetly behind her.

Ian ventured toward the running shower, not minding if his garments got wet. When he achieved the breathtaking redhead she snatched his tie and pulled him in for a kiss. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, she possessed a flavor like cinnamon and Ian’s cockerel became more enthusiastically. Lara deftly fixed his jeans and drove them down, making a point to completely feel up his hard chicken. His fighters pursued before long.

When he was completely uncovered, it was Jessica that maneuvered him into the shower. Jessica slid her hands along his thighs and up to his cockerel, kissing and snickering into his neck as Victoria and Lara made out behind him. Ian squeezed Jessica against the virus tile, his hands on either side of her against the divider, getting a charge out of the manner in which she screeched at the coolness. He push his cockerel between her legs, prodding it against her wet pussy. She mauled at his back, squirming against him, plainly urgent for it. “Do you need my rooster?” Ian snarled into her ear. She whimpered and gestured, grasping onto him.

Ian dove his chicken profound into her tight pussy, snorting into her neck and clutching her enormous round ass for help. She kissed him profound and hard, grasping his hair as he screwed her immovable, her groans resounding in the steam. He moved more enthusiastically and quicker into her, she panted with each push as her rear end hit the tile, making a delightful smacking sound. She groaned for him, gasping his name and folding her legs over his. He lifted her by her can, diving his nails into it and making her shout.

He slipped his hand between them, scouring her clit as he beat into her cunt. She scratched her nails down his back, gnawing as his neck which just influenced him to go more enthusiastically. As he scoured her clit with one hand, he contacted toy with Lara’s areola with the other. Jessica was inclining toward the divider, shaking here and there on his rooster and hand, utilizing him to get herself off.

She worked his cockerel while snorting with her. Jessica covered her face in his neck, diving her nails into him as they screwed more diligently and quicker. Ian snatched her hips, constraining her luck run dry. He siphoned all through her rigid, working her clit constantly. Minutes after the fact, could feel her coming all over his thick hard cockerel.

He tenderly disappointed her, kissing her moderate and harder, gnawing at her lip. “Great young lady,” He murmured delicately and she shivered against him. As he kissed her he felt somebody get between their legs, running her hands all over his thighs as she licked gradually up his cockerel.

Ian looked down to discover Victoria on her knees in the shower, accepting his chicken as profound as she could after he had quite recently screwed a lady he just met. He grasped Victoria’s wet head, pushing her onto his rooster as Jessica pulled him back for another kiss. She kissed like a pornography star, all tongue and overwhelming gasping, squeezing her full bosoms against his chest. Ian could reveal to Jessica needed another round yet he realized he expected to spread the affection. With one hand, Ian held Victoria’s head, screwing her face, with the other he squeezed and wound Jessica’s areolas, making her groan into his mouth like a skank, squeezing more tightly against him, edgy for more rooster.

He felt himself drawing near and dismantled Victoria to her feet, pushing Jessica aside to kiss Victoria moderate and hard. He could taste himself on her; he squeezed his cockerel against her inward thigh, kissing her profoundly. Venturing out of the shower, he chose he would spare the best for last and rather held out his hand for the redhead, Lara. Ian had dependably felt weak at the knees over redheads and he was energized that Victoria had chosen for him, particularly such a hot one. Little waisted, yet awe-inspiring. She ventured out after him and Ian slipped his arm around her little midriff and drove her into the room.

Victoria had turned down the sheets enticingly and had a few candles lit. Lara achieved the bed and swung to him. She slipped her arms around his neck, inclining up on pussyfoot to kiss him. Ian lost himself in her cinnamon fragrance and taste. She squeezed her tight little body against his and he could feel her wetness on his chicken. He abruptly needed to taste different pieces of her.

Gradually, he strolled her regressive towards the bed, his chicken jerking as he heard Victoria and Jessica laughing and beating each other as they investigated each other’s bodies on the little lounge chair in their room. By and by Ian thought about whether Victoria had set it there for a reason…

He delicately pushed Lara onto the bed, she fell back, her flavorful looking tits ricocheting. Ian chose he would begin there. He slid between her legs, her body promptly curving up into his. He plunged his head and lapped at one areola, adoring the manner in which she groaned for him and held the sheets. Her legs came up around him and he squeezed his hips into hers, pounding musically against her. He grasped her wrists, sticking them over her head as he locked onto her other areola with his lips.

He spent numerous upbeat minutes there, making the most of her round bosoms and hard pink areolas, tuning in to Victoria’s overwhelming breathing as she and Jessica fingered one another. Infrequently, mouth still on Lara’s tits he glanced over to watch Victoria and Jessica contacting tongues, holding each other close, grasping thighs and tits.

Ian gradually worked his way down Lara’s ideal body, kissing between her bosoms and down to her belly. He kissed along her hip bones, breathing her in as he got between her legs. He slipped his hands under her thighs and she reacted by putting her legs up on his shoulders. He looked over at Victoria who was having her areolas sucked hard, pushing her fingers through Jessica’s hair. He refocused his consideration on Lara, lapping gradually and delicately at her cut.

Ian slipped his tongue inside her, grasping her butt to cover his face in her hot wet pussy. She wheezed and groaned, grasping his hair. He sucked on her pussy lips, scouring her rear end as she pushed her fingers into his hair, pounding her pussy into his face.

He gradually got to his knees, lifting her base half as he went as she inclined up on her elbows. He folded his arms over her midriff, covering his face in her, kissing and licking the most scrumptious pussy he had ever tasted. He ate her out with more eagerness than he had ever had for Victoria’s pussy. His chicken was shake hard from her taste and her smell. Lara was shouting and groaning his name, he could feel Jessica and Victoria watching him work.

He push his tongue somewhere inside Lara as she came all over his face. He slurped up her juices and remorsefully and delicately laid her down. Lara sat up, going after him. “I’m not done,” she groaned. He fell on her and she kissed him profoundly. The blend of cinnamon and her pussy was almost inebriating. He squeezed his body against hers, driving her down onto the bed where she opened her legs wide for him, gnawing her lip with a blameless look all over. He slipped into her cunt profound and hard and started to screw her with a moderate consume, shaking his hips into her, making her groan and squirm with each push.

She held him close, pushing up into him, coordinating his mood. He screwed her moderate, pushing profound into her, losing himself in her snugness. She was about more tightly than Victoria. She hauled her nails down his back, making him shiver. He inclined toward her ideal body, holding her hips and kissing at her neck as he screwed her. He was faintly mindful of the fun Victoria was having, flicking her tongue into Jessica’s areolas and holding her as Jessica fingered Victoria’s g-spot, and he was happy of it. In any case, for the minute there was just the heavenly redhead Victoria had picked only for him.

Lara ran her hands however his thick dull hair and down his back to his butt, grasping it and maneuvering him into her, keeping splendid green eyes, brimming with desire, on his. “Harder,” She murmured, no longer honest. She gripped her hot pussy tantalizingly around his thick hard rooster. Ian couldn’t hold it any more. He was going to haul out, maybe to come on her white belly or flawless tits, however Lara just held his abdomen harder with her legs. She grinned wickedly up at him and prodded her tongue against his lips. “I need you to come all over,” She groaned. “Please,” She whimpered, squeezing her body up into his.

Ian hauled out, and got over her face. Lara got his pole with one hand and his balls with the other, stroking him immovable as she tickled and kneaded his balls. Ian could feel his climax coming and Lara grinned up at him before opening her mouth and shutting her eyes, her hands never stilling. Ian snorted and shot his heap all over her really, guiltless face. The bed shook as Jessica and Victoria went along with them. Lara snuggled up by Jessica and the two young ladies stroked one another, kissing delicately. Jessica jumped over Lara, kissing and licking all over her face, tasting Ian’s come. His rooster reacted and he moaned in delight. The two young ladies kept on making out, prodding each other when Ian felt warm breath on his neck.

“You disregarded me,” Victoria murmured, running her hand through his chest hair. She kissed along his neck, licking up it and snacking on his ear cartilage. He bit his lip, his rooster solidifying as she dealt with his neck and Lara kissed her way up Jessica’s thighs.

All of a sudden, Victoria was on his lap. Ian could feel her splashing wet pussy. Victoria inclined forward, her hard areolas squeezed against his chest and she licked his lips energetically. “Young ladies are fun,” she murmured. “However at this point I need cockerel.” Always one to if you don’t mind his chicken snapped to consideration, making Victoria groan and laugh. She began crushing her hips in figure eights, utilizing her juices to lube him up. “That is the thing that I like. You simply lay in that spot child.” She laid her hands on his chest as she moved. “Give me a chance to do practically everything.”

Ian ran his hands up the backs of her thighs to her butt, holding her unfaltering on him as she prodded his rooster, facilitating her pussy onto it gradually. He groaned for her, scouring her thick ass. Victoria inclined down to kiss him delicately, obstructing his perspective on Lara and Jessica, as she took every last bit of him. Gradually, she sat back up, pounding her hips. He lifted his hips, propelling himself more profound and let out a long, low groan.

Victoria grinned at Jessica who had her fingers somewhere down in Lara’s red hair as Lara ate her out. “Demonstrate my infant some adoration while I ride him,” Victoria proposed to the dark haired young lady. Jessica bit her lip and smiled, hanging over to kiss Ian. She panted and groaned into his mouth as she was pleasured by Lara. She ran her long tongue along the top of his mouth, making him shudder as Victoria shook her hips forward and backward, taking him at a consistent, moderate pace.

Ian endeavored to hold off, he needed to make it useful for Victoria yet he was going into tangible over-burden. He was transfixed by the sight. Jessica and Lara were battling for his consideration, getting his face, kissing him, surrendering his neck. Lara pushed Jessica off of him and kissed him completely, running her tongue along his, squeezing her hard areolas against his.

Ian kept his eyes open. He would not like to miss a thing. Jessica got onto her knees, stooping before Victoria and affixed her lips around one of Victoria’s areolas. Lara licked along his neck, folding and sucking it. “I wish I had gotten an opportunity to suck your cockerel,” She groaned. Ian moaned and pulled Victoria onto his cockerel harder.

Jessica was on his opposite side currently, kissing and giving in his neck. Lara reclined, squeezing and scouring her huge, pink areolas as she groaned his name. Victoria’s boobs ricocheting in his face. “Please,” Victoria groaned. It was very nearly a cry and Ian could tell she was close as well. “It would be ideal if you it would be ideal if you come in me,” She asked. Ian push his hips hard up into her, holding her down tight onto his cockerel as they met up. He snorted as hot thick ropes of his come shot somewhere inside her. Victoria shouted his name, scratching down his chest. She drooped forward onto him, kissing him profoundly, breathing hard through her nose.

After a minute, Victoria settled onto his chest, moaning with satisfaction. Jessica inclined her head on his shoulder and he put his hand languidly on Lara’s thigh, the other stroking here and there Victoria’s back. Smiling to himself, Victoria trusted they would all social gathering again soon.

Disclaimer: Characters in this erotica are pure fiction and they do not represent any client. This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual erotic massage.

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