After about 5 minutes, Josh had rolled off of his unsatisfied wife Lottie who was asleep. However, before he fell asleep he expressed how good “that was.” And how much he loved fucking her. Sadly, she couldn’t stand it! It never lasted long enough and foreplay didn’t exist with him.

It’s not that he wasn’t endowed, he was plenty big enough. He just didn’t have the slightest idea of how to use it. Or her, for that matter. He was a very straightforward lover. Stick it in, pull it out. Repeat a couple of times. Get off. And done. She wasn’t even sure if he knew what a clit was!

Ah well, she thought to herself as she pulled her erotic book out from under the mattress. I can always finish the job. Sex was the only area where Josh couldn’t please her, didn’t even try! She knew this was why she became so easily irritated with him. She tried to take care of it herself to release some pent up tension when she had the time.

Finishing what Josh couldn’t was becoming more a chore than she had anticipated. She resented him for never doing anything to please her and she was getting tired of the boring sex life he gave her. Her friends had told her about a masseur from Cape Town who offered a erotic massage for women with a sensual feeling and she had finally made up her mind. Many unsatisfied wives came to him for therapy.

After a week of unfulfilling sex with Josh, Lottie was laid out on a bed in a hotel room. She was anxiously waiting for Ian, a handsome erotic massage therapist, to finish “getting things ready.” She closed her eyes, listening to him rummage around in the bag he had brought with him.

Josh flashed before her eyes. She knew she should feel bad, technically she was sneaking around behind his back, but she didn’t care. If he couldn’t please her, she would find someone who could!

“I’m going to start the erotic massage now.” A chocolatey voice drifted down from somewhere above her head. She opened her eyes and was met with the vision of a naked man. He was more fit than Josh, and from the looks of it, better endowed. Oh god! How she craved a romp with a talented lover.

His hands had her melting under his touch, and her body reacted accordingly. Ian was barely finished with her shoulders, hadn’t even touched her pussy, and she already had an ache in the pit of her stomach. She had so much pent up sexual energy and wanted nothing more than the touch of a man.

He was now working on her ass and the pushing and pulling of her buttocks muscles had her very aware of her wet pussy. Ian slipped a finger between her lips and gently laughed at just how wet she was. He pushed a finger into her causing her to moan and felt around for the sweet spot.

Feeling a man explore her vaginal canal, with expert fingers had her moaning more intensely than she ever had with Josh. The way his knuckles brushed against her outer lips and the slightest movement around her clit had her dying for more than just Ian’s fingers.

Once he found her g-spot he expertly stroked it until she was dripping around his fingers. She was begging for him to keep going. Continuing to stroke her g-spot, he used his thumb to massage her clit. A string of ‘oh god,’ ‘yes, right there,’ and ‘don’t stop’ flowed from her lips. Josh could never bring her this much pleasure.

She came around his fingers. Her pussy tensing and relaxing over and over again. He slipped his fingers out of her and went to continue the sensual massage. But before he could she had sat up. Knowing it wasn’t normal protocol and that she could potentially be cruelly rejected, she locked her lips around Ian’s and threaded her fingers through his thick, dark hair.

He pulled away, his eyes were clouded. His erection was throbbing, much in the same way her pussy was still throbbing from his previous exploration. She licked her lips, ready to be sorely disappointed.

“Please?” She begged. Her voice was dripping like honey. “It’s been so long. I’ve always been an unsatisfied wife” There was an ache in her tone and she reached for his cock. He allowed her to grab him and his head rolled back as she began to stroke his member.

She climbed off the table and slipped his cock into her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down, she swirled her tongue around the tip of his dick. He groaned and aggressively grabbed her hair. He pulled her up to a standing position by her hair, and pushed her back onto the cot.

Dropping to his knees between her legs he buried his face in her mound. His course facial hair felt rough, but amazing against her freshly shaved pussy. He flicked his tongue around her clit, one hand massaging her breasts while the other was knuckle deep insider her.

He gently massaged her g-spot with two fingers while focusing on her clit with his mouth. His lips wrapped around it as he sucked it from under its hood. Her back arched and she tried desperately not to cum a second time.

By the time he was finished eating her out she was dripping with fresh juices and begging him to fuck her. He said “No, this is not allowed. Even though you have been an unsatisfied wife” She played with her clit. Edging herself towards another orgasm, but not allowing it to happen.

He filled every bit of her with his member, the head bumping against her cervix. Slowly, he eased himself completely into her. Her tightness contracting around him, still coming down from the orgasm he had given her with his fingers.

He eased out until just his head was left inside of her and pounded back into her tight, wet little cunt. He repeated this, slowly, methodically until she was gasping for more, harder, faster. Her tits heaved under him as she failed to keep her moaning under control.

Lottie had the bedsheets covering the cot bunched up in both hands and her back was arched. With her eyes closed she begged Ian to keep going. This could be the first time she reached orgasm without external stimulation.

With the same slow rhythm, Ian could hit that one spot in the back of her pussy that Josh always seemed to miss. Continually hitting that spot had her floating on a cloud and sitting on the edge of cumming.

Her cunt tightened around him, and her breathing stopped as she came again. Her pussy spasmed and clenched around his dick, but he kept going. He wasn’t ready to get off and knew that continuing to hit that sweet spot would keep her cumming.

Her orgasm lasted a whole four more minutes while Ian finished up. When he burst inside of her, his cock grew and twitched, stretching her even further. She wrapped her legs around his torso, came off the bed, and dug her nails into his back as they both finished.

She thanked Ian and arranged a second meeting. Josh never had to know and she finally had someone who could pleasure her in the way she deserved. She left the hotel with a smile.

This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual and erotic massage.


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