One thing both man and woman want when they engage in lovemaking session is to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people, especially for women. Research shows that about 50% of women all over the world fake orgasm to boost their partner ego and make them happy. Even worse, a study shows that about 35% of women in the world have never experienced the feeling of an actual orgasm. There is no doubt that faking and absence of sexual satisfaction can create relationship problems in the long run.

Not only is this a bad thing for women but it is also hard on men who are in a sexual relationship with a woman finding it hard to reach orgasm may question their inadequacy when it comes to lovemaking. Let’s agree that women fake their orgasms because they do not want their man to feel inadequate, but do these men cannot feel that they are just faking their orgasm? This is why both men and women need to know the reason why most women struggle to achieve orgasm as this could help both the men and women come up with solutions on the problems of women regarding orgasm. The best part is that some of this issues are not that complicated and a simple sensual massage, or erotic massage can help solve the issue. So, read on to see some of the reasons why most women struggle to orgasm:

Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is no doubt one of the most common and number one reasons why most women could not reach orgasm. They do not have the courage to guide their partners on what they want and how they want it to help them achieve orgasm. Most women think they are not sexy enough to be desired or not sexually attractive and they are not happy with their body. Women who worry a lot about how their body looks to their man and also have negative thoughts about their body usually find it hard to orgasm.

Inability to relax and concentrate

For a woman to reach orgasm, she must be relaxed and also be prepared to be in that moment. However, not all woman can do this making them unable to reach orgasm. The best way to get relaxed is to get a massage more specifically sensual or erotic massage. So, as a man or woman reading this, you need to ask your woman questions on what is bothering her or if something makes her uncomfortable, and talk to her on how she can let go of her wild side and allow herself to be loved during lovemaking.


Drinking enough water during the day does not only have something to do with you climaxing in the bedroom, but it also prevents everyday health problems like fatigue and constipation. For the arousal tissue that extends into the connective tissue system to work its O-inducing magic, it needs to slide and glide, and this can’t do that without fluid. So, staying hydrated is very important.

Health issues

Apart from the listed above reasons why women might find it hard to orgasm, there are also some medical reasons behind this issue. Hormonal imbalance and anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications could affect a woman’s sex drive. If this is the case, then it is advisable to seek medical advice to resolve this medical issues. Other health issues include diabetes, pelvic injury, high cholesterol, hypertension or trauma, spinal cord injury and dryness of the vaginal might make it difficult in reaching orgasm. Age may also be a factor, the more a woman grows old the more her sexual cycle changes and her libido becomes lower making it hard for orgasm to occur.

Women wear high heels

Well, this might sound funny but not only are high heels painful to walk in, but they also cause a deforming effect on your psoas muscles. The psoas muscles are connected to the muscles and nerves that lead to your pelvic floor, and genitalia. According to Eden Fromberg, D.O., who is the founder of Holistic Gynecology New York he said: “when your psoas muscles are sticky and tense due to prolonged high heel wear, they can’t transmit the arousal message necessary for orgasm.”

What to Do If You’re a Woman Who Struggles to Orgasm?

First, See Your Doctor

The first thing you need to do is to visit a doctor or sexual specialists; your doctor will find a medical solution to your issue or advise sex therapy, sensual, erotic or vagina/yoni massage. Female orgasmic challenges can be rooted in medical issues. Just as we stated earlier on some of the most frequent causes of orgasmic blockages include:

  • Prescription drugs like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications

  • Depression

  • Anxiety (ditto)

  • Nervous system Issues

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Pituitary conditions

Limit alcohol intake

It is advisable that you limit your partying and alcohol intake. Alcohol and drug make it harder (for not only women but men also), to reach orgasm. Alcohol, in particular, tends to be problematic. So, if you are planning to have sex with your partner later in the evening, you should avoid alcohol as it makes it surprisingly difficult to feel anything, talk more about having an orgasm.

Get a sensual erotic massage

The female orgasm usually lasts for 6 to 30 seconds and just as we stated earlier on, for a woman to reach orgasm, the woman need to feel relaxed and comfortable. This is why it is advisable to get involve in sensual massage or erotic massage. This process will help achieve that relaxation and comfort providing maximum pleasure thereby making you reach intense orgasm.

Use a dildo to masturbate

Masturbation is the absolute best way to learn more about your body and how it works. Note that too much masturbation is not good for men and it tends to orgasmic problems. However, it’s a different case for women as they tend to have orgasmic issues because they don’t masturbate. There are many masturbation tips to try out. You can start by circling your clitoris and the surrounding areas with your fingers or dildo. If you orgasm on your own and you still find it hard to get there, you can try it with a partner or male massage therapist.

Examine Your Blockages

Women who still find it hard to orgasm when asked admit that they don’t put time and effort into developing a solid masturbation routine. So, a woman who find it hard to reach orgasm even when masturbating need to spend some time exploring their fears or blockages. The female orgasm is so complicated that it can be tough to help her achieve orgasm, but it is not impossible. The most successful way of changing this is taking all the pressure off by getting out of goal-oriented mindset.

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