“I have a meeting today at 2:30 PM, and I won’t be able to use my phone during that time. It’ll be about an hour to an hour and a half.” Becca informed her husband. Of course, she didn’t really have a meeting, she was just tired of his constant whining and in dire need of a break. She had scheduled a full body secret sexy sensual massage in Cape Town with a professional male massage therapist.

“Got it. Won’t bug you during your super important business meeting.” Randal rolled his eyes, sarcasm dripping off every word. Becca snatched up her purse and left.

She had arranged to meet the therapist at a hotel near the Waterfront. She didn’t want to risk anyone seeing her and assuming something was going on. Or word of her getaway getting back to Randal.

The therapist was already there when she arrived. Introductions were made and she was instructed to strip and lay face down on the bed. While she was arranging herself and getting comfortable, the massage therapist disappeared into another part of the room.

When he emerged he was completely nude and was rubbing oil between his hands. Becca took in the sight of his body. Already aroused. He straddled her legs and began massaging her buttocks. With each movement of his hands, she felt her lips move and brush against her clit.

His thumbs worked their way down the inner part of her cheeks and found their way to her opening. She gasped when a finger slipped inside of her, exploring the depths of her. But it quickly returned to massaging her body.

The massage therapist moved himself to kneel beside her and massaged her lips for a moment before moving to her inner knees. He worked his way down to her feet, every now and again reaching up to massage her finger her. By the time he asked her to lay on her back, she was dripping wet. The fact that this was a secret sexy sensual massage made it more adventurous and she loves adventures.

When he started kneading her breasts, she noticed that he had a hard on and offered to play with him while he worked. He seemed grateful for the offer and his hands faltered at her first touch. Other than that and a groan here or there, he remained entirely focused on her.

While one hand remained on her breasts, massaging, kneading, and groping, the other slipped between her legs and into her pussy. He played with and fingered her until she was on the edge of an orgasm and then casually went back to using both hands to massage her breasts.

He chuckled when she seemed frustrated with the edging and moved to her abdomen. His hands roamed from her stomach to her clit and back up again until she was everything but begging for him to let her cum.

With both hands, he began massaging her outer lips. Pushing them against her clit and pulling them apart again, making her aware of how wet she was. When her back was arching and she was begging for more, he slipped a finger between her lips and found her engorged clit.

He worked her clit until she had lost count of how many times she got off. She had completely stopped playing with him and was now clutching the sheets, trying to regain control over her breathing. She thought to herself, wow this secret sexy sensual massage is amazing. Why didn’t she think of this sooner. What happens with the male massage therapist stays with the massage therapist.

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