For a first timer all I can say is that I was very nervous in the beginning but after we met I eased into it. I am married and my husband has allowed me to try his massage service. He is very good and thus have recommended him to my circle of friends. - Paris

My friends could not stop talking about this sensual massage they had in Cape Town. I got curious then phoned Ian to make a booking. I really enjoy his style of Yoni massaging with the music in the background and the comfort about it. I was almost got lost in another dimension. - Johannesburg

I got referred by a friend to try his sensual massage. I read through his website and everything on his website is made clear. I can see it in his eyes that he is really passionate about what he does. - Cape Town (Personal Fitness Trainer)

I was thinking about exploring new possibilities and hence got in touch with Ian. I am reasonably fit and attractive but the fact of trying something new in a different country was a brilliant idea. Ian truly made my trip to Cape Town an amazing experience. – Stockholm (Model and Television presenter)

I was looking for this kind of service for quite some time. A guy who can keep secrets without letting my husband find out. I eventually got referred by a friend. Ian is discreet, respectful, clean, handsome and safe to be with. He answered all my questions before the time so I knew what to expect. Up until today we are still in great contact with each other.

I usually book my appointments when I am stressed out. I love his hands, I personally think his hands are magic and does the job pretty well. The best erotic massage ever. – Cape Town

Want to feel sexy and gorgeous and have humungous amount of energy then take this sensual erotic massage. He starts off slowly by massaging the back, neck, shoulders and then moves onto the thighs and vagina. Lastly, but not least he has very nice hands. – London (Chef)

Gushing orgasms followed which left me feeling relaxed and what a woman deserves most. When the session has ended I found my legs to be shaking from the most bizarre Yoni experience ever. A day later I was still shaking and had to masturbate myself while thinking about it. - Cape Town (Yoga Instructor)

I jumped up in excitement and began to tremble. He kept it light and slow. The pleasure was unbearable. If my husband was beer Ian's massage was champagne. My body shook and eyes were blacked out. This one orgasm had the intensity of 16 orgasms. – Cape Town (Sex Therapy Consultant)

He knows how to please a woman. By far, this was the greatest sensual massage. I thought to myself rather pay an expert to massage my vagina and it ended up being incredibility powerful – Johannesburg (Sexologist)