A sensual massage is an excellent way to clear your mind and improve your sexual health, but getting a professional erotic, nude, sensual massage can be a little unnerving if it is your first time! There are many suggestions to get rid of anxiety for sensual massage, of course the biggest one is to enjoy the massage in your own home. While getting the massage in a familiar place (your personal bedroom) can help with that anxiety, so can setting the mood, taking a shower, and meditation. Having the right mindset is important to enjoy your erotic massage thoroughly!

Set the Mood

Harsh lighting can set anyone on edge. It is suggested to not use your normal lighting or lighting from outside. These lights are too harsh, keep you squinting, and can only add to your unease. Try dimming the lights or lighting some candles and completely turn off the lights. Once you find the right lighting, think about what sort of sounds help you relax. The sound of the ocean or some familiar soft music helps most people. If you find that you still can’t relax, use some essential oils. Lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, and neroli all help with relieving anxiety!

Take a Shower

Taking a shower always helps to relax without fail. It is easier to clear the mind and relax as the hot water flows over. Not only is it a requirement set by Ian Marshall that you shower before each and every erotic massage, but it is also a great technique to help you relax and get rid of anxiety for sensual massage. Once out of the shower try putting on some lotion or rubbing yourself down vigorously with a towel. Whether you find peace in hot or cold water, find your temperature setting and take a soothing shower before your appointment.


I find myself meditating in the shower, but meditation can take any form! Try yoga or getting lost quietly in thought. Use the lighting, music, and essential oils from the other posts to help you meditate. Yoga can help to loosen up your muscles and clearing your mind will help you to get over the nervousness you are experiencing. If you are having issues getting into the relaxed state of meditation check out some of these videos:




There is no need to feel anxiety before your erotic massage in Cape Town, but if you do you can try setting the mood, taking a shower, or meditating. You can try combining the methods above to get rid of anxiety for sensual massage or use them separately. However, you plan on reducing your stress, just remember that you are receiving a professional massage from a male therapist that is completely controlled by your needs and desires. If you wish to stop at any point, you have that say! But do try to relax and enjoy yourself.

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