Mia loved food. It was her passion. Not only was she the head chef at Chicken n’ Pasta, she was the owner! It was a challenge, and at times she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to have such responsibility, but when her 5 star ratings came in or raving reviews were posted, she knew it was well worth it.

While living the dream, doing what you love, is what everyone strives for, it’s hard work. Mia spends most of her time cooking for the restaurant, handling the book keeping, ordering new supplies, and all the other things that comes with handling your own restaurant. She doesn’t have a lot of time for herself, much less a relationship!

Overworked and at her wits end, she found herself searching the web things like “happy ending massage for women,” “erotic massage for gorgeous women,” and various phrases of the same meaning. The searches continually popped up with “Ian Marshall Massage.”

He must be good if he’s in all the searches! Mia thought to herself as she clicked on the link for the website. Looking over the website, she was instantly intrigued and called to set up an appointment.

She was caught off guard when asked “Are there any fantasies you’d like to have fulfilled?” While food was the reason she was so stressed, it was also her biggest passion. She had explored with food in the bedroom before, but never in a sense where the focus was entirely on her. She booked a “food play” massage session, hashed out all the details, and penciled the appointment into her calendar.

She had arranged to meet Ian, the massage therapist, at a hotel near her work. It was one she had stayed in before when work had run too long into the night for her to feel comfortable driving home. It was a nice hotel and would do well for what she and Ian had planned.

When she arrived, Ian had already set up the room for her. There were rose and sandalwood candles spaced throughout the room. They were the only source of light and gave the room an amazing, light smell.  In one of the corners was an MP3 Player, playing a mix from Kamasutra Erotic Chillout.

In the middle of the room was a cot. The bed was completely ignored, but that was okay. The room was big enough to comfortably accommodate a cot and the bed. Beside the bed was a table that held an assortment of massage oils, whipped cream, chocolate, and all sorts of sliced fruit and berries.

Ian was in the bathroom, getting undressed, and had instructed her to do the same after they had exchanged greetings. Mia slipped out of her wrap around dress and laid it neatly on the bed. She then hopped up onto the table and laid down. As she was adjusting herself and getting comfortable Ian came out of the bathroom.

It seemed that he had oiled his body while in there, and Mia took her time looking it over. He was an attractive man, with large, magic, strong looking hands. While she was excited about fulfilling her food play fantasy, she also greatly looked forward to the massage itself.

He explained that he was going to start massaging her shoulders and that he would feed her, eat fruit and the whipped cream and chocolate off her, and play with her throughout the massage. He also explained that if she felt the need to she could touch him or eat the fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate off him as well.

He began by kneading her shoulders. When he felt that she was relaxing into the massage, he spread some whipped cream along one of her shoulder blades and slowly licked and sucked it off. Taking his time to clean up every bit of it and ensure she felt his every movement.

When the whipped cream was cleaned off her shoulders, he moved to her lower back. He rubbed the muscles there, working out the knots and kinked bits. When he was satisfied with her relaxation he pooled some chocolate into the small of her back and took his time, once again, cleaning it off her.

While he was licking, and sucking the chocolate off her back, he slipped a finger between her labia and gently played with her clit. The more he played with her clit, the more her back arched, making it more challenging to clean the chocolate off her.

He edged her once while licking up the chocolate and moved to massaging her ass. Instead of eating fruit off her, he spent this time prepping her pussy. He moved her ass cheeks in such a way that she felt her lips rubbing against her clit and her clit becoming more engorged. She hadn’t expected to get so turned on by just his touch, but he knew exactly what he was doing and how to get a reaction out of her!

Before he finished massaging her butt, he pushed a finger inside her vagina and found her g-spot. While using her cheeks to push and pull her labia against her clit, he gently caressed her g-spot, pushing her closer to an orgasm.

When his breathing started to catch in her throat and he could feel her vagina tightening around his fingers, he removed them and moved to massage the back of her thighs. Here he laid out sliced pineapples as he moved down the leg. When he finished massaging one leg, he went back and carefully picked up each piece of pineapple. Doing so in such a way that his teeth and lips gently grazed her leg. She shivered every time he picked up a slice.

He did this with each thigh, before moving on. He massaged her calves and feet without any food or playing, and then helped her to roll over so that he could access the front of her body.

During this point of the massage Ian asked if he could straddle Mia, to provide a more intimate experience. She agreed and he adjusted himself above her. He began by kneading her breasts and was surprised when this elicited a moan from her. Excited by her reaction, he grabbed the whipped cream and created a circle around each nipple, then laid berries in the circle of cream he had created, before finally he filled the circle with chocolate.

He took his time slowly cleaning off the whipped cream, chocolate, and fruit. His tongue slipping over each nipple multiple times, each pass causing a slightly more intense reaction from Mia. He used his teeth to eat the berries, careful to make them graze over the sensitive skin just below. He used his lips to get the chocolate, suckling her nipples as he did.

By the time he was finished cleaning this delicious concoction off her breasts, Mia’s hips were grinding without her meaning for them to. He finished by continuing to massage her breast, taking time to tweak her nipples and roll them between his thumb and forefinger.

He moved down to her torso, and gave this the same treatment he had on her thighs. Using his teeth and lips to graze, suck, and tease. This seemed to have a similar, but not as intense, reaction as playing with her breasts did.

When he had finished massaging, and teasing her stomach, he moved to her pussy. He used the flat of his hand to massage the entire mound, focusing most of the pressure around her clit. Again, her hips were grinding and thrusting, even though she was not meaning for them to.

Ian then put a small pile of whipped cream on top of her shaved mound and drizzled chocolate down her lips. Popping a small piece of ice into his mouth, he began licking the cream and chocolate off her. He took his time around her lips, sucking on each one and causing her to moan. A primitive sound, all natural sound. He completely cleaned her before slipped his tongue between her lips and against her clit. Her back arched at first contact with her clit and she grasped at the covers.

He worked her clit with his tongue and lips until she came. Her entire body tensing up and she held her breath as it shook her to her core. He continued to lick, suck, and tease until the orgasm passed. Then he finished massaging her legs and feet.

This short erotic story is used as a Case Study for future clients to learn more about the sensual and erotic massage.


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