I am a Financial Executive at a huge corporate company. I manage 54 people, now imagine how stressful this job can be. Thank you Ian for taking the stress out each time we have a session together. He knows exactly how to move from slow teasing to direct pleasure in a way that I enjoy the most. I have been to 11 of his sessions and it has all been exhilarating. - Johannesburg

I discovered this while searching online because my husband cannot give me the pleasure that I want. I tried various search keywords ‘happy ending for females’, ‘erotic massage for gorgeous women’, and others until I bumped onto Ian’s website. Initially I was curious to what this service is all about. It did seem weird at first getting an erotic massage from a stranger. But when I met him, he was very friendly and professional. I now book his sessions once a month. - Cape Town (Model)

I woke up the next day with a tad load full of energy. I was nervous in the beginning but when I met him I knew I would be in safe hands. He eases your tension, slowly moves toward your pleasure spots. His skills are beyond impressive. Really worth the price. Thank you for taking me to a place beyond Heaven and bringing me back in peace. - Los Angeles (Actress)

There is no shady businesses or surprises with Ian. I was fully sexually satisfied after my beautiful session and felt proud to be a woman again. He makes you feel comfortable from the beginning and knows how to handle women in a professional manner. I lost almost 4.5lbs in water weight which is not a lie. Orgasms make you lose weight. Give yourself a gift, he will do the rest. - Cape Town

The visit I had was the most satisfying sexual experience ever. Although there was no sex, it was still the best sexual experience. Ian makes sure all the focus is on the woman and his fingers are forever twinkling. This was the first time I had come so hard in my life. Thank you again Ian. - Durban (Model)

Ian was Super BRILLIANT, you MUST use his service. I have always thought of getting a happy ending massage, but it does not exist. Like all the women, I was at first nervous. But Ian was friendly and very professional when it came to providing an EXCELLENT Service. The massage he gave turned me on IMMEDIATELY. He gave me my first G spot orgasm! Oh Yes, I got my first G-SPOT ORGASM. Ladies, this guy is really GOOD. - Johannesburg