Male massage therapists are stronger than female counter parts. The male therapists who are still massage therapists today are very talented, passionate and dedicated. They are able to bring a much deeper massage experience. A good massage therapist will understand a client’s needs and concerns.

Male Massage Therapists vs Female

The most important factor when booking a massage therapist is knowledge and skill not gender. Sometimes a male therapist can misbehave. He might perform a technique the client might not like. If you feel there is something wrong, you have the right to end the massage. Many females are shy because of the issues such as safety and body issues. When getting a massage from the opposite sex, you are completely naked and he is rubbing oil all over your body. This is known as intimacy with a person you have recently met. Men and women prefer female massage therapists at the spas and massage centers. What they don’t realize is that the best chefs in the world are all males. The same goes for the massage industry, the best massage therapists are all males.

Choosing a male massage therapist can be daunting and very nervous at first. But once you are there, the nervousness goes away and the talent begins to shine. You will know what I mean when you book an appointment. They do the job of getting deep inside their muscles. Some women prefer male massage therapists because it helps them feel good about themselves and then speak about the massage experience with their friends. They also want the attention of a person who might find them attractive. Other women prefer males as massage therapists because they won’t feel judged by another woman.

The ultimate goal or objective of any massage is to make your body feel better. This can also provide emotional benefits. Male therapists are not being utilized well enough in the massage industry because of the above issues mentioned.

The benefits of getting a sensual and erotic massage from a male massage therapist is that it makes the woman feel like a million dollars. This is exactly how all women should feel. Women still go to beauty spas in Cape Town. I know you have to get your facial, finger nails, toe nails, waxing and hair done. The Jacuzzi is great to relax in after your pampering massage therapy. But none of this is the same as a massage therapist moving his fingers over your female erogenous zones to give you the ultimate experience of pleasure.

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