For those that are searching for a Thai massages in Cape Town, I have helped by simplifying it in this post. In your Google Search, you probably used ‘thai massage cape town’ or ‘where to find thai massages in cape town’ and it has been a mission finding the right Thai massage to visit in Cape Town. In Thailand you wouldn’t need to do a Google Search for Thai massages because there is a Thai shop on every corner. Before we get to the actual massage parlour names in Cape Town, let me introduce by explaining what Thai Massage exactly is.

What is Thai Massage exactly?

Thai massage is new to the massage spa world as it only became popular less than a decade ago. This is especially in non Asian cities such as Cape Town. Thai massage uses stretch techniques to increase flexibility of the body, takes away the pain of muscle and tension. When massage oil is applied then the client is meant to be in the nude. If there is no oil involved then the client can be fully clothed when getting the massage. If it is your first time going to a Thai Massage then it can be painful and you could ache for a few days before getting recovered. Thai Massage usually takes place on a mat in Thailand and various parts of the word, but the more modern Thai massages that are offered in massage spas have it on the massage bed.

To become a Thai Massage Therapist, you need serious amount of training. I have heard of people that take weekend Thai Massage courses, especially the local massage therapists in Cape Town that work as assistants for the actual Thai Massage Therapist. I mean, you can’t really trust somebody to give you massage therapy who did not even study. My advice is rather book it with the person who is from Thailand (the actual person), not her assistant. Their assistant is going to disappoint you. If the actual person says she is not available, be patient and wait a few days until she is available.

There is strong faction that says Thai Massage can heal a human physically, spiritually and emotionally. This possibility could be true because Bhuddist monks have been practicing Thai Massage for thousands of years in Thailand. It is great that you can now find Thai Massages in Cape Town.

Chew Chew Thai Massage & Spa

Chew in Thai means relaxing and Chew Chew means very relaxing. They were the first to introduce Thai massage to the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town, but due to popular demand by customers they have expanded their services to include more variety with additional massages and beauty treatments. Not only do they pamper their customers but also provide a good wellness service.

Address: 200 Durban Rd, Bellville, Cape Town

Lavender Massage

The relaxing properties of the lavender aroma and it’s use in lotions and salts made it the perfect flower to represent the values of the shop; anyone who walks out into a field of lavender will feel relaxed and healed. Experience the massage for the same tranquility. Lavender Massage is just what the doctor ordered: a space for you to unwind and be spoilt, with trained chinese and thai therapists catering for your health needs and causing you to feel great at the same time…who ever knew the doctor could be so fun?

Address: Shop 7, 315 Main Road, Seapoint, Cape Town

Thai massages in Cape Town

Hatyai Original Thai Massage

Hatyai was established by a Thai lady passionate about the art of traditional Thai massage. After studying traditional Thai massage in Thailand and working for years as a therapist, she pursued her dream of providing healing to those who may not have the opportunity to visit Thailand for the experience.

Address: Pepper St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

pattaya massage girl

Ruan Thai Spa and Massage

There are many reasons to experience a massage treatment, be it health, leisure or remedial. There are also many different types and techniques of massage, each with it’s own benefits. They offer Thai Massage, Thai Oil Mix Massage and Thai Foot Massage.

Address: 36 Long St, Cape Town

couples thai massage Cape Town

Trust me, it is difficult finding the perfect Thai massages in Cape Town. I have been there several times down the road. When you do find your lucky Thai massage therapist make sure to keep booking her. It might be a waste of time and money to try a new massage therapist when you already found a therapist that is good. For a Sensual and Erotic Massage for Women, book a massage with Ian Marshall. While you are at, read my other post on spas in Cape Town.

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