Kamasutra is also known as the Kama Sutra in the Western side of the world. The erotic tantra Kama Sutra book deals with human sexual behavior. This is not an ordinary book, this is a book on the art of sexual science which formed the basis for Tantra Massage. The various sexual positions used in both tantra massage and Kama Sutra are explained in a detailed way. This book helps you boost the confidence when having intimate moments with your partner or spouse. In general, you will have a much happier sex life without the ‘boring’ in it. Sex love and positions for detailed explanations and images. The book to me is known as the words of love. The music is known as the sounds of love.

Kama Sutra Music

The album track which I play for my clients during the erotic massage session consists of the following:

  1. Chakra Activation by Laxmi Baan

  2. Body Massage by Bengali Wave

  3. Balance and Strength by Jagdish Kay

  4. Positive Vibes by Deepak Rajesh

  5. Deep Pleasure by Naveen Jabali

  6. Sacred Words by Elysium Mind

  7. Smooth Emotions by Ethereal Stage

  8. Mind Games by DJ Shakti

  9. Hugs and Kisses by Millennium Eclypse

  10. Divine Sensation by Chakra 2

  11. Circle of Life by Saeed Anjali

  12. Desire by Bijay Saabye

  13. Magic Garden by Shaya

  14. Secret Place by Saabyen Isha

  15. Hidden Treasure by Maya Leah

  16. Modern Tradition by Chakra 2

  17. Light a Candle by Lounge Patio

  18. Indian Lounge by Bijay Saabye

  19. Purify My Soul by Mystic Influence

  20. Deep Breathing by Sanjay Farrell

  21. Here and Now by Neha Jag

  22. Sensual Love by Indian Dawn

  23. Spirit of Harmony by Horizon Line

  24. Deep Illusion by Justin Howard

  25. Fly Away by Deepblue

  26. Hidden Track (Sounds of Love)

Going Deeper Lounge - Erotic Tantra Affair, Sexy Chill Out Kamasutra Intimacy Music

  1. Art of Chill — One Day — Boys of Noize Mix

  2. Bilitis — Air — Love 2 Lounge Mix

  3. Smooth Rebel — Turn Out the Light — Secret Love Mix

  4. Soul Diver — Deeper than Deep — Pure Chill Mix

  5. Lemonjazz — Close Your Eyes — Erotic Sunset to Sunrise Mix

  6. Hot Drake — Sex on Cloud Nine — Views from Love Mix

  7. Starchillaz — Kiss the Night — No Coldplay in the Bedroom Mix

  8. Sven Andersson — Melodia Amore — Buddha Lounge Bar Chillout Mix

  9. Melounge — Gimme Love — Indian Beach Lounge Island Cafe Mix

  10. Night Smoothers — You Are the Only One for Me — Nights in White Satin Love Mix

  11. Aural Ecstasy — Forbidden Desires — Naughty RnB Stimulation Mix

  12. Blue Crisp — Moonlight Kiss — Night Lounge Mix

  13. Hotplay — Only a Dream — Sexy and I Know Mix

  14. Cafй Del Chill — Sunset Beach of Love

  15. Kamasutra Groovers — Erotic Love Night — Deep Inside Mix

  16. Banghra Lounge Voices — Kamasutra in Heaven — Erotic Massage Mix

  17. Atrium — Going Deeper

  18. Deja 7 — One More Night — Summer Night Chill Mix

Kama Sutra Book

After you heard about the sounds of love, lets delve more into words of love. Vatsyayana has taken work from previous authors and compiled his own book called the Kama Sutra. About seven chapters of the book were part of longer works by Dattaka, Suvarnanabha, Ghotakamukha, Gonardiya, Gonikaputra, Charayana and Kuchumara. The latest version of the Kama Sutra has 1250 verses that is distributed in 36 chapters and is organised into seven parts.

1) General remarks Five chapters on contents of the book, three aims and priorities of life, the acquisition of knowledge, conduct of the well-bred townsman, reflections on intermediaries who assist the lover in his enterprises.

2) Amorous advances/sexual union Ten chapters on stimulation of desire, types of embraces, caressing and kisses, marking with nails, biting and marking with teeth, on copulation (positions), slapping by hand and corresponding moaning, virile behaviour in women, superior coition and oral sex, preludes and conclusions to the game of love. It describes 64 types of sexual acts.

3) Acquiring a wife Five chapters on forms of marriage, relaxing the girl, obtaining the girl, managing alone, union by marriage.

4) Duties and privileges of the wife Two chapters on conduct of the only wife and conduct of the chief wife and other wives.

5) Other men’s wives Six chapters on behaviour of woman and man, how to get acquainted, examination of sentiments, the task of go-between, the king’s pleasures, behaviour in the women’s quarters

6) About courtesans Six chapters on advice of the assistants on the choice of lovers, looking for a steady lover, ways of making money, renewing friendship with a former lover, occasional profits, profits and losses.

7) Occult practices Two chapters on improving physical attractions, arousing a weakened sexual power.

Pleasure and Spirituality

  1. Kama: Desire

  2. Artha: (Material) prosperity

  3. Dharma: Virtuous living

  4. Moksha: Liberation

More information can be found on the Wikipedia link.

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