Below are some of the rules that I follow when getting ready for the massage and exactly what to expect. I also explain what happens at the very start of the massage in Cape Town. I try to be at the client’s venue a few minutes before the session starts (always better to be early than late).

Rules for the start of the massage

  1. Show respect for the client at all times – when she is enjoying a particular section, spend more time on that section

  2. The entire time will be devoted to the massage – there should be no disturbances or distractions

  3. Have an agreement to respond to an uncomfortable situation – all client’s respond differently to different touches throughout the body. Some like it at Body Part A some but others do not

  4. Talking should not be taking place during the massage unless the client enjoys it more this way

The door gets locked, the phones are switched off and the clock starts ticking. Massage is there to relax all senses of the body. The hands bring immense amount of pleasure to the client. Massage has been used to relieve suffering for many years and was able to heal the body long before medicine or drugs were invented. In the Bible the word ‘anoint’ means to massage with oil. In the quiet room the sensual oil will be spread on the client’s body. The client should at all times keep their eyes closed during the session. The lights are turned off. The music starts to play, I usually play the Kamasutra Erotic Chillout sound track as it works the best.

start of the massage

The Art of Sensual Massage is much older than any other form of massage. My clients like to be entertained and love really great massages. It is a always a good routine to keep them comfortable and relaxed at the start of the massage.

Try to book a massage in Cape Town so that I can help you achieve greatness.

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