Many people get confused and never really know the true definition of tantra massage. They tend to think it is the same as sensual or erotic massage. So what exactly is Tantra Massage? It has similar techniques but the end goals are different. I will hereby the explain the history and where tantra massage all began, what it includes as well as the benefits.

What exactly is Tantra Massage and how it all began?

Touch and sensuality plays an important part in tantra massage but the more in depth definition begun in India about over 6000 years ago that influences both Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantra massage was initially part of yoga. Different adaptions of the tantra massage were adopted in different regions. When you book a tantra lady in Australia you will receive a different form of techniques and principles as from a lady in Singapore. Back then it was used as form of medicine on women for both the mind and body. The sensual part of the tantra massage became well known when the west started adapting it. So you might be very surprised when getting a tantra massage because of all the misconceptions going around. Read more about the origins of tantra massage.

Tantrics or other words tantra massage therapists believes that physical and sensual pleasures are the keys to spiritual growth, without one, you can’t have the other. Tantrics believe that a powerful spirit energy, lives in our Base Chakra, situated between our legs. Once released, it rises through our system. If dormant, our knowledge is limited, aroused it allows the natural spiritual growth we should be experiencing. This vital energy- Kundalini - is ‘fed’ along channels called Meridians. Any obstruction lessens energy flow, much as a kinked hose-pipe produces only a reduced water supply. Read more about the history of tantra massage.

How Tantra Massage differs to other Sexual Massage services?

Tantra massage therapists focus on direct physical benefits whereas sensual massage therapists end goal is sexual pleasure.

  • Tantrics believe that sexual pleasure is the gateway to spirituality.

  • It is a way of giving and receiving sensual pleasure without needing to perform in any sexual way.

  • There are certain techniques for both breathing and massaging particular areas of the body such as Chakras or genitals that for Tantra only.

Tantra is about letting go and going on a sensual journey. Tantra massage is not about the end of the journey (ejaculation for the man and orgasm for the woman). It is the journey.

The benefits of tantra massage

Tantra massage brings about release, comfort and relaxation not only to the body but the whole being. They open an exciting and adventurous road to spiritual evolution, which will touch your soul in ways you cannot explain. These can be divided into the following categories.

  • Relieve mental and emotional stress

  • You feel better

  • Allow subtle energy flow

  • Get spiritual by using sexual pleasure

  • Get blood circulating

  • Keep you young longer

  • Become more sensitive to feelings

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