Services Sensual Erotic Massage - Professional Male Therapist

What are the benefits?

  • Designed for Women ONLY
  • Physical stimulation - Yoni Massage
  • Male to Female Sexual Fantasy
  • Free from tension anxiety
  • No judgment
  • Full exploration
  • Have a comeback to natural desires and needs
  • Bursts of Energy
  • More positive feeling
  • Gain more attraction to your partner
  • Happy and full Sexual Arousal
  • Full body orgasm
  • Relaxed horniness

What does the massage include?

Sensual massage Cape Town. Erotic includes all the benefits of a regular massage or spa treatment, but unlike most forms of massage therapy and spa packages this sensual erotic massage is meant to be 100% pure sexual by a private Professional Male Massage Therapist to a female using the best technique's of full body massage in a sexual manner. In this manner you will connect on both a physical and emotional level. This makes use of sexual energy to increase intimacy, pleasure and arousal. The male massage therapist and female client are in the nude, he starts massaging from the back and slowly moves into the erogenous zones. Sensual massage treatments are not usually offered at a traditional beauty spa as a package, treatment or special. For more specific question's please read the FAQ and to learn more about Ian click Exclusive Interview with Ian the male massage therapist from Cape Town.

Preparing for the massage

For the client to get the most out of her massage therapy experience, she needs to be in a comfortable and relaxing space. This space is usually the bedroom as it provides a sense of security and helps them to enjoy the massage to its full potential. The thoughts in the mind of the client should be removed as disturbances can break the concentration during the massage. Lights are usually switched off. To have a good erotic mood going, Kama Sutra relaxing music will play in the background. Before the sensual massage starts, the client and therapist will discuss boundaries, fantasies and goals. These boundaries will need to be respected at all times. Both the client and therapist will need to be clean as showering/bathing before the massage therapy session is a requirement. The client does have the option of having her husband in the room to observe. How orgasms help you to relax?